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Myth III, the return of a legend

Myth III, the return of a legend | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Myth, with Marathon, remains one of the billion stones of the Macintosh games and certainly one of Bungie's undisputed masterpieces. The two episodes (The Fallen Lords and The Soulblighter) released to date still count crowds of fans at the four corners of the Mac universe and dozens of Mac sites. For a long time he fabled a third chapter of the saga, but Bungie had always excluded , even if not in a decisive way, such a hypothesis. At the time of the transfer of the rights of Myth to Take Two in the context of the complex operation that led Bungie under Microsoft's "wing protector", he had returned to talk about the possibility of a third episode on the basis of some notes on the subject contained in a press release. Now, however, the allegations leave room for certainties. According to some sites, including BlueNews, in fact, Gathering of Developers (GoD Games, one of Take Two's subsidiaries) would have already started working on the project. It would not be a sequel but of a prequel. The events narrated by Myth III The Wolf Age can be read in a calendar distributed to fans and the media from which, in the absence of other official information, forced to draw all the information, they happen a thousand years before those told in The Soulblighter, before the events that led to the clash of races in a world dominated by the Myrkindia and the Trow. Other details are unknown. It is foreseeable that the game will be based on Myth's further refined engine. According to some sites, further information will be announced by Gathering of Developers during the MacWorld Expo. The release date hypothesized in October of this year. GoD already has a page dedicated to the game. At the moment, only one "Myth III" text is reported for the address.

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