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Microsoft process: states are moving forward

Microsoft Process: States are moving forward Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Not at all said that the arrival of George Bush in the White House also marks the end of the trial against Microsoft. Even though the Republican president and more or less explicitly pro-Redmond, deciding to impose the withdrawal from the case to the Justice Department, Bill Gates would continue to have among his opponents the States that are co-plaintiffs with the DOJ, well decided, have Yesterday, to continue in the case, whether the Department of Justice is on their side or not. "We hope that the Bush administration will pursue the case by going through all levels of judgment," said Tom Miller, Attorney General of Iowa. he coordinates the accusation for all 19 states – but if by any chance we haven't already signed an agreement to go all the way ". The suspicion that Bush may be less determined than Clinton arises, as well as some more or less statements explicit on the process, also by the directors that the new president has chosen. Among them, for example, is Lawrence Lindsey, head of economic affairs, according to whom "Clinton should have shown more respect for the private sector and the need for innovation and long-term profit", defining the policy of the outgoing president as "too radical" .But the Republican party does not seem decidedly aligned on this position. For example, Orrin Hatch, a senator from Utah and chairman of the justice commission of the upper house, had supported Joel Klein, attorney general in the case against Microsoft. In appointing a successor to Klein, Bush will also have to deal with Hatch who does not seem to be too much in favor of Microsoft. In the face of these facts, Bush could decide to agree with Microsoft, a choice that could benefit both leave and become easier if the Court of Appeal mitigates Jackson's judgment. States warn Bush "We will not accept – say with their spokesman Miller – nothing less than a provision that radically changes the way Microsoft pursues its business. If there is no provision that imposes a change, we will continue in the cause. " The negative judgment of the States had already failed a mediation agreement last March. In the meantime, Jackson yesterday issued fiery statements against Microsoft to the New Yorker newspaper. According to judge Bill Gates he would be an arrogant one with a "Napoleonic concept of himself and his society". Microsoft executives would be afflicted with infantilism "and Redmond's legal adviser would not be" intelligent or at least would not have had the subtlety necessary to understand that the time had come to become more flexible in the face of mediation offers from the Justice Department. "

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