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Merry Christmas 2019, the GIFs of wishes for WhatsApp

Collection of animated images to share, funny and nice, to download for free for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

What better way to wish aMerry Christmas 2019if not with GIF images for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram? Animated images, photographs and many other contents to share with friends and relatives. GIF images Merry Christmas 2019 on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

It is possible to download apps dedicated to transforming videos and images into GIFs. Let's discover the best GIFs to wish Merry Christmas 2019 with WhatsApp and other social platforms.

Just stress like all of them animated images are totally free and can be shared online through the main instant messaging platforms. A large number of applications such as Facebook, Twitter and many others support GIFs, a simple, fun and innovative way to wish a Merry Christmas 2019 to both friends and relatives.

The best Merry Christmas GIF images 2019

To save the GIF images in this gallery you need to know that you need to perform some operations, very simple and easy to remember. To save a GIF image on Android and iOS, keep your finger pressed on the GIF in question for a few seconds, until a new dialog appears on the screen. Click on the item inside the latterSave image. The GIF image will be saved inside therollregarding iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, while on Android will be stored in the folderDownloadof the browser. In this way, you can easily share humorous images with other third-party applications, such as WhatsApp, and social networks.

Santa Claus delivers gifts! We wish Merry Christmas with this cute funny animated picture and tear smiles.

Merry Christmas GIF

Did you do good this year? Do you deserve the gift? Let's hear what Santa Claus thinks about it!

Merry Christmas GIF

Directly from the film "Miracle in 34th Street" Santa Claus protagonist of a cult of the Christmas holidays we can use it in the most beautiful moment, that of the best wishes with kiss!

Christmas 2019 GIF

A classic among the animated GIFs Merry Christmas 2019, a snowy landscape dotted with lights!

Merry Christmas GIF

Santa Claus ready to go with all the presents. A very long list of gifts to accompany with a very nice and funny GIF.

Christmas 2019 GIF

Harry Potter lovers? This is the GIF of Merry Christmas 2019 that is definitely for you. An image to share with all friends.

Harry Potter Christmas GIF

Santa Claus also celebrates by dancing. A very nice and special animated Merry Christmas message.

Merry Christmas ironic GIF

A pink sunset dotted with snow and reindeer protagonists is more classic and elegant.

Finally, to complete the GIF images Merry Christmas 2019 there is the Futurama Santa Claus struggling with the gift list.

Christmas 2019 GIF

Merry Christmas 2019, the apps to create GIFs

In addition to discovering the best GIF images Merry Christmas 2019 for WhatsApp, we want to emphasize the presence of some applications for smartphones and tablets with which to create GIFs of funny greetings. Among those available for Android and iOS, Instagram boomerang one of the best. Just press the dedicated button to create an animated image. Boomerang scatter 10 photos in sequence and turn everything into a real video that you can share on Facebook, Instagram and save on your camera roll. This app, compared to many others, does not require the creation of an account and equipped with ad hoc functions to mitigate sudden movements.

Apps to create GIFs from videos

Another app to create GIFs but from videos in the camera roll 5SecondsApp. The latter allows you to use the contents present on your smartphone or tablet, or capture images and videos within the app itself. After this step, you can apply filters, add text and stickers. Compared to many other apps, 5SecondsApp allows you to reorder frames to change the frequency or change the speed of execution and save each single frame as a photograph. Finally, 5SecondsApp available for free for both iOS and Android.

Merry Christmas 2019, the original phrases to use

GIF images Merry Christmas

To wish a Merry Christmas 2019, we also offer a series of phrases to send to colleagues, friends and relatives on WhatsApp or to be shared on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

Here is the list of the best messages:

  • I wish you to receive a lot of affection and serenity in these Christmas holidays and that they can accompany you for a Happy 2020.
  • My best hugs reach you I wish you a fun and surprising Christmas, the ones impossible to forget. Happy Christmas.
  • Best wishes for Christmas that is a special Christmas and that makes you dream. I wish you many beautiful and bright things more than the stars. Happy Christmas!
  • At Christmas, give all your love, your wonderful smile will be the most beautiful gift in the world. Best wishes!
  • Do you know why I don't need a candle on Christmas? Because you are my light. Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas forever, not just for a day. Lamare, sharing, giving are not to be put aside like bells, lights and silver threads in some box on the shelf.
  • Our truest destiny to be transformed by love.Pope francesco
  • At Christmas love can triumph, open your heart and let it go. Merry Christmas and never stop dreaming!

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