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MACWORLD: the new PowerBook G4, a real revolution?

MACWORLD: the new PowerBook G4, a real revolution? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Many were waiting for the G4 powerbooks and finally they arrived. Certainly products with a captivating look and interesting contents, however, may not be so revolutionary as to offer a real boost to the purchase by the large user. Why? From a performance point of view, the G4 powerbooks will be completely analogous to the machines they are replacing, the considerations made several times in these days remain concrete: for a mobile user, what is the real advantage in using a G4 processor? And with what growth prospects? Certainly the 15-inch monitor, the subtlety of the case, the new look will make proselytes, but will they be enough to move the market and push users to update their machine? Perhaps the market would have needed a less sparkling and more body-like product compared to the competition: as for standard equipment, the minimum step forward, also due to the rich endowment of the old laptops and in some cases we even take a step back: DVD players, 10/20 Gb hard drives, USB ports and a single FireWire, AirPort ready, VGA and S-Video output, audio output but no input; and still video circuit similar to the previous machines, no innovation on the logic board, fortunately we still find PC Card and IrDA. In essence, Apple has done nothing but mount a G4 processor on the logic board of the already existing machines, change monitors and houses leaving all the I remain unchanged, especially from the point of view of performance for all those who do not exploit the benefits of Altivec acceleration. Certainly not, the new PowerBook G4 are very interesting machines for many, certainly the target of users that can be reached by these wider machines, those who work with professional applications, those who deal with video editing, in short, all those who until now saw in a laptop a tool still too limited in terms of computing power to think of it as a real work tool, now they will have the right means to free themselves definitively from the desk; the perplexities remain for all those who already have a latest generation G3 powerbook, will they find, beyond the look, a reason to change machines?

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