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MACWORLD: An oversized screen

MACWORLD: An oversized screen logomacitynet1200wide 1

Among the many small things that escaped the first reports there is the new format of the screens of the G4 laptop: someone was waiting for a 16/9, others were waiting for a classic 4/3, the monitor is neither one but the other 3/2, that is a middle ground between one and the other. The supported resolutions are manifold, starting from its standard corresponding to 1152 × 768 pixels, precisely with a 3/2 ratio. Maintaining the same ratio, the monitor can also work at 896 × 600 and 720 × 480, while moving to a more classic ratio such as 4/3, we return to having the usual resolutions of the old laptops: 1024 × 768, 800x 600, and 640 × 480. The comfort of the new remarkable format, especially for those who use programs with a high number of palettes or, like the case of final cut, need more windows side by side. Even those who use the laptop to watch DVD titles will take advantage of the new monitor format, which is best suited for cinema viewing in terms of size. The new monitor format has also allowed a different engineering of the machine logic and a different arrangement of the internal components, now in the center under the trackpad we find the laptop's hard disk, while DVD and battery are positioned respectively to the right and left of the hard disk , under the keyboard instead we now find only the logic board.

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