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MACWORLD: American TV shows great prominence at Macworld

MACWORLD: American TV shows great prominence at Macworld logomacitynet1200wide 1

The American media, especially with the news calibrated for the Californian citizen, are very close to the Mac users' event. Compared to the New York edition, there is greater interest and greater visibility. Just think of the wishes addressed by Planet Hollywood to the conferences: "Planet hollywood welcomes all Macworld participants". Returning to the television, in the evening edition of the news of one of the major national neteworks, a large emphasis was given to the convention. The cameras are even entered inside the publishing house of the "Macworld" magazine and the reporter interviewed some of the journalists that the readers know. No, David Pogue, he was not among the interviewees. Both from the interviews and from the comment of the reporter it has been possible to understand that this edition of the expo will be the most generous of all. First of all for the number of participants, which since yesterday had exceeded all attendance records and then for the harvest of news that everyone expects. The reporter focused for a long time on the Apple title which in a few months lost many points and then on the Apple revival managed by Steve Jobs. In addition, the reporter continued, both the fact that Mac users are very demanding, and the company's need to acquire new users, make this Macworld an obligatory stop on the path towards Apple's decisive success. Put simply, new machines and faster processors (at least on paper, read magahertz) are really necessary. The service ended with the greeting addressed by the Macworld editor from his desk where a Powerbook stood and on whose white apple the service is closed. We will know a wish, a wish or an anticipation tomorrow.

(By Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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