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LG, Apple copied our phone

The iPhone was copied from the cellphone To express this demanding opinion, not just any journalist or a normal analyst, but Woo-Young Kwak, head of the research and development department of the Korean house.

Kwak spoke about the similarities and imitation efforts of Apple which resulted in the launch of the iPhone, during a press conference held in Barcelona at 3GSM. The LG manager, while going far from the subtle one with the competitor, was joined by an authoritative figure, the chief executive officer of LG's telephone division, Scott Ahn.

But when would Apple have had the opportunity to 'spy on LG Prada' and then copy its look? Kwak also has an answer for this: 'when we presented it at the IF Design Award, where it won the design award.'

The speech could, on paper, even if it were not, that the offending event occurred in mid-September, as if to say about three months before the official presentation of the iPhone and 12 weeks seem a little bit to put together, while copying it, a product such as the Apple phone which includes technologies such as multi-touch that were not delivered overnight and that heavily influence the design of the phone.

Much more realistic, as well as non-partisan (or perhaps much more realistic because it is not partisan), the idea put forward by Kang-Heui Cha, Senior Manager of MC Design Research Lab who, speaking to Korea Telecoms, claimed that 'Apple and LG are come to similar results by following two different paths. LG has paid attention to the interface, Apple has emphasized the concept of a music phone. In an attempt to add substance to ideas, the two manufacturers ended up creating a similar design "