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Lady Gaga's social network opens for Little Monsters

Question: what do you need after 26, 8 million followers on Twitter, 52, 6 million fans on Facebook and 2, 8 Google+?

Reply: a social network of your own.

IS Lady Gaga lo has already done. The pop sensation that is not only famous for its unique musical style but also for its meaning unique and outrageous of fashion recently launched its social network called . The name, Little Monsters hit the spot and as captivating as the singer and his fans define themselves monsters which I personally think is beautiful (considering his moves on stage and the nature of the concerts he has).

Registrations are now open and you can use your account Facebook or Twitter to register quickly and quickly or follow a normal registration procedure via e-mail .

The social network has a mix of Pinterest is Reddit . It allows users to insert photos like Pins into Pinterest and then vote and express their opinion as Reddit. The social platform allows you to be free and show your emotions freely. Not just aimed at break the language barrier is put all the fans together, but also to allow them to connect and converse between them, share their favorite photos and send their messages to Gaga herself.

The network is technically developed by Backplane taking suggestions and ideas from the singer. The start-up was founded by the current manager of Gaga Troy Carter, by the CEO Backplane Matt Michelsen, by the former Google designer Joey Primiani and the former Palantir operations director Alex Moore . The team really made up of strong and influential people and with Lady Gaga in it, the site will surely be a success.

By now most of us star thinking about how to influence Facebook and other social media platforms. Will you compete with them? Will they win over them or fail? Matt already has an answer to this. He made it clear that Facebook is not its competition . In fact, he said they are not trying to enter the competition on social media. one space for Lady Gaga and her fans and will remain the same. By putting this in Matt's words, " We love Facebook: a very powerful tool. This is not a product intended to destroy or compete with Facebook. a different purpose

If you're a Gaga fan, time to grab a piece of Little Monster cake. Visit: