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iSoftPhone 1.0: the magic of the iPhone … preview on the Mac!

iSoftPhone 1.0: the magic of the iPhone … preview on the Mac! | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone mania. The last object of desire that came out of Jobs's magic hat is already producing its effects. And it was predictable. Not yet the iPhone that someone has been able to try at the MacWorld that recently ended, nor what we will see shortly. But it looks like him. At least in intentions. In any case, a smart idea: put a computer, internet access, the extraordinary interface of the iPhone and the game. Just give it a name: iSoftPhone.

According to the manufacturer's statements, it has never been easier to make calls via VOIP. The software configuration mask, in fact, elementary. In any case, there is the online manual to help sgrammatics who do not know anything about VOIP and internet telephony – they are among them of course, otherwise I would not have consulted it and I would not have even looked at the Voice Over IP voice on Wikipedia.

The crystal clear quality of the audio and the compatibility with the address book that each Mac has as a dowry – says the manufacturer – ensure unprecedented ease of use. To give you an example, suffice it to say that you can call directly from the address book with a simple right-click of the mouse. Cute, isn't it?

iSoftPhone Universal Binary – i.e. compatible with Mac Intel and PowerPC – and costs 99 euros. The demo lasts 30 days fully functional.

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(By Fabio Bertoglio)

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