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iPhone, Arm and Broadcom inside

On the Internet we return to talk about the components of the iPhone. To re-launch the discussion on who are the suppliers of Apple's cell phone technologies are some statements by Warren East, president and CEO of Arm.

According to East, who leads one of the industry's most cutting-edge companies, its Arm, a core around which several top-tier mobile manufacturers build their chips, which is the basis of at least three of the phone's processors.

Various sites, just following this authoritative confirmation, return to speculate that the main processor is a Marvell PXA320. But the source still seems to be the well-known statements of the CEO of Intel Italy in an interview with Sole24Ore; pity that as subsequently noted again by our magazine from the article, all references to Marvell's processors had disappeared by mail, leaving various doubts on the merits of the indiscretion.

Among the hypotheses that do not contradict East's declarations, n are in contradiction with the sudden disappearance of Bucci's declarations, there is that which refers to a Samsung chip. Even the Korean manufacturer, in fact, like Marvell, bases some of its processors on Arm technology. A second reliable thesis that the processor is really a Marvell, but Intel has preferred to remove from the article any reference to it, considering it inappropriate for one of its managers to mention supply choices on products that do not concern it.

For his part, urged to be more explicit on both the number and type of processors in use on the iPhone, the CEO of Arm limited himself to saying that 'Apple will talk about the technological contents of the iPhone when it is ready to do so. As for the number of processors, I can say that 90% of mobile phones use Arm technologies and that we are present in the Wifi sector, basic transmission functions, application processors and MP3s "

Who, however, spoke openly of a presence of components produced by his company on the iPhone, was Henry Samueli, CEO of Broadcom.

The news surfaced during a trial that is taking place in California. As it was a legal proceeding (instructed by Qualcom which accuses Broadcom of unauthorized use of some of its patents) Samueli was unable to escape the lawyers' questions. The Broadcom CEO also said that the chip is not being used for video, the technology being targeted by Qualcom.

Asked by journalists, Broadcom refused any further comment and deepening of the news, returning to the typical reserve that characterizes, indeed, must characterize, each Apple supplier. The most credible hypothesis, based on information gathered by analysts, that the Broadcom processor is used for the touch sensitive screen.