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iPhone 5 will no longer be updated with iOS 10.3.2

The next update to iOS 10, as Apple re-referenced it, will abandon the venerable iPhone 5. When Apple releases the next incremental update to iOS 10, preciselyiOS 10.3.2, the software update can only be performed on devices that have a 64-bit processor. In other words, from here on out, iPhone 5 will no longer be updated and upcoming iOS updates will only be available for devices iPhone 5s and later.

The iOS version 10.3.2 will not be a significant evolution of the operating system, and a little out of Apple's character will interrupt support for older devices in an intermediate update. Traditionally, Apple only discontinues support for older devices when major iOS updates, but on this occasion Apple wants to embrace only 64-bit systems, and therefore this move that led Applea to declare that iPhone 5 will no longer be updated, was inevitable. Incidentally, iOS 10.3.2 does not seem to be an important update, as it introduces small improvements to Siri and other minor features.iPhone 5 will no longer be updated 1Coinciding with Apple's total transition to 64-bit devices, the 32-bit software on the App Store will soon be abandoned. The next major update to iOS 11 will mark the definitive abandonment of 32-bit applications when this will be released later this year. Therefore, if you still use some old 32-bit apps that haven't been updated in quite some time, you can stay on iOS 10 or start looking for some alternative apps. Out of curiosity, it has been estimated that there are currently 187,000 32-bit applications on the App Store.

Finally, for all iPad owners, the aforementioned iOS 10.3.2 update only works on iPad released after October 2013. On the iPad Mini front, this means that the iPad Mini 2 and later. As for the other iPad models, the iPad Air and all later versions.