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If you want, Cortana can remind you what you promised someone via email

Microsoft's voice assistant becomes more intuitive: understand what the user has announced by email, and he will remind you of it


You understand, Cortana. The Microsoft assistant gets more awake, reminding users of what they promised to do in their emails. For example: do you announce to your partner the purchase of cinema tickets, or the sending of a report to your colleague during the week? Cortana knows it, and reminds you of it. And if at that moment it is not possible to do what you have said, he proposes to reschedule a warning.

By leveraging Microsoft Research, Cortana can recognize when one person is declaring intent to another.

Another function intelligent officially announced to let Cortana guess the hours of the day when the user is most productive. Once analyzed, it will be able to notify when important appointments are placed on the agenda at unusual times or, on the contrary, particularly dense.

At the moment, these new features are available in the United States and Great Britain.


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