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How to use the functions of OS X 10.8 also on old PCs

If you also want to have all the latest features that Apple has introduced with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion but you don't have a Mac, I have the solution for you and it's called Pear 7.


What I want to tell you about is not the Hackintosh method (which we will discuss in a future article) which allows you to install OS X on a normal PC. Unfortunately the operating system is not compatible with many computers on the market, so I want to present a solution that can be applied on all PC, also dated, they have like minimum requirements at least a 64-bit processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of available space and a screen resolution of 800600. What I want to offer you Pear 7 (note the choice of the name Pear which in Italian means "pear"). Pear 7 nothing but a distribution of Linux based on the well known Ubuntu, suitably modified to integrate many of the functions that can be found today in Apple's proprietary operating system.


Four are the most important features that the developers have taken from OS X and brought up Pear 7:

  • Mission Control: allows an overview of all windows and applications open on the computer;
  • Desktop Switcher: allows you to create multiple virtual desktops in which you can work in parallel
  • Notification Center: it gathers all the notifications you receive on your computer in one place
  • LaunchPad: opens an iOS-style screen where you can view the icons of all installed applications

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<p>The operating system, being a distribution of <strong>Linux</strong>, completely free and can be safely downloaded via this link (the project has been closed) and installed freely on any PC that has at least the minimum requirements indicated above. This could be a good way to resurrect old computers that are having difficulty working with new operating systems.</p>