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How to recover photos from SD

It can happen intentionally or unintentionally to delete photos from an SD card that is commonly used to save our shots on modern cameras.

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<p>Photos are often memories and not simple files that we can download again and for many it is fundamental to try not to lose them as it is actually something priceless.</p><div class=

How to recover photos from SD a fundamental guide for all situations in which we want to recover JPEG, BMP, RAW or any other photo format.

This guide on how to recover photos from SD works in the following cases:

– Deletion of photos on SD card via computer

– Deletion of photos directly from the camera

– SD card with reading problems

– Formatting of the SD occurred in error

Obviously the success of the procedure cannot be guaranteed 100% and it mainly depends on how damaged the SD card (or filesystem of the card) or how much the latter was used and rewritten after the event of deletion of the photos we want to recover.

It is always useful and highly recommended to make a backup security of photos (and any other important files) via software on another device; for example Iperius Backup (Windows), Time Machine (OSX) or any Cloud service that guarantees you to find files and photos at any time.

Let's see together how to do and what to use to recover photos once they have been deleted with the guide step by step for Windows, Mac OSX or Linux using absolutely free software that requires no installation.

The non-destructive procedure, in the sense that no changes will be made to the SD card but the files will be extracted to disk on your computer, leaving the SD card unchanged. So make sure you have enough disk space to hold all the photos you want to recover.



Just click on Windows (not the 64-bit version).

You will find yourself with the archive testdisk in format .zip that you will have to unpack and extract.

Open the archive and extract the main folder anywhere on your hard disk, also fine on the Desktop or in "C: .

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<p>It's time to <strong>to insert</strong> there <strong>SD card</strong> on your computer and check the drive letter assigned by Windows, for example <strong>IS:</strong>.</p>
<p>Also create one <strong>new folder</strong> on the hard drive (e.g. <em>Recovered photos</em>) which will be used by the program to save everything it can recover.</p>
<p><img class=HOW TO RECOVER PHOTOS FROM SD – Mac OSX and Linux

The procedure for OSX or for Linux very similar to that for Windows but we have to do everything from the command line and using the arrows. Again, this is a very simple procedure to follow step by step.

ScaricatePhotoRecfor your operating system. Unzip the archive and extract it somewhere on your computer.

Insert the SD card from which we will try to recover the deleted photos.

Create a folder (eg. Recovered Photos) that will contain the photos that the program will be able to recover.

Double click on the program photorec by opening the folder you extracted before.

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<p>You will be faced with an interface a <strong>command line</strong>; don't worry, you can control everything with the <strong>arrows</strong> on the keyboard, the key <strong>Submit</strong> and a few other keys mentioned in this article that you are reading.</p>
<p><img class=CONCLUSIONS

The method described naturally valid as well as to recover photos from SD also to recover photos from micro SD. We reiterate that there is no effective method to 100% to recover all the photos that you have deleted and that it is always better to prevent than to find yourself in recover photos from SD using the various systems of backup (physical or cloud).

There are several very expensive programs out there that promise to recover any type of file or photo; the analysis and recovery techniques are based on the same principle as the programs suggested in this article which instead are absolutely free.

In other articles we will analyze the possibility of recover disks and files even after formatting or deleting partitions and we will see how to do it recover files from smartphone is Tablet.