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How to increase the volume of Mac Books beyond the maximum limit

Mac volume 1

If you happened to open your Mac to watch a movie, listen to music or watch a video from Youtube, but the volume of the Mac was not enough to delight your ears, don't worry, now there is the app Boom.

Boom a system for amplifying the volume of the Mac and equalizing the sound, which makes listening to music and words better on all Macs, making them louder and improving their quality. Using Boom very simple, it works with the integrated volume controls of the Mac.

Mac volume 2

Boom increases the volume of music videos on YouTube, increases the volume of music and video files residing in the iTunes library of the Mac and on disk, of the audio being played on Spotify and Netflix. Even video chats through Skype and FaceTime can be improved in audio through the use of predefined equalizers, such as jazz, acoustic, classical and many others or by creating your own personalization.

The Boom application that allows you to increase the volume of Macs has localized support in five languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish and simplified Chinese. Enhance and optimize the volume of your media files with an intelligent Boom 2 algorithm. It also recommends the optimal levels for each file, so that you can box music from audio and video files.

Boom 2 works on all models of MacBook Air and iMac MacBook Pro. It is also compatible with 64-bit systems, so that the app is run with maximum efficiency.Boom has a light interface with clear graphics. It is possible manage the playback controls of Spotify, VLC, QuickTime and iTunes. This is perfect for those looking to sit back, relax and enjoy the multimedia capabilities of their Mac.

Boom 2 improves the sound quality of Mac's built-in speakers; works on the latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and retina displays. Boom2you can download it from the Mac App Store for the price of 19.99.