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How to improve the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S8 and S8 + last March. The success was immediate, with millions of pre-orders and sales officially starting on April 21st. Although there have been no battery problems as for the well-known case of the Galaxy Note 7, many owners of the Galaxy S8 complain of the short life of the same. The device powered by a 3000mAh battery (3500mAh in the S8 + model), which does not seem sufficient to guarantee a full day of smartphone use. So it would be interesting to find out how to improve it Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life and just about this we will talk below.

It seems that the problem is with system optimization, with performances that could improve with the release of new updates. Samsung has however integrated some functions that allow you to optimize battery life and use your smartphone in a day on a single charge. After seeing in a previous guide, 20 tips to save battery on Android, in this article I will show you how to improve the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

Improve battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Manage your performancesimprove the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8 1

Galaxy S8 integrates several default settings that manage some smartphone features differently. In particular, there are four modes available:

  • Optimized (selected by default and recommended by the company).
  • Game.
  • Entertainment.
  • High performance.

Each mode manages the brightness of the display, the screen resolution and a series of other smartphone software features in a different way. For example, by enabling the game mode, the functionality that allows you to have more functions during the game sessions will also be automatically enabled.

A fundamental aspect is the management of the display resolution. For example, if you are viewing a movie, it makes sense to set the resolution WQHD + (4k) or FHD + (FullHD). But if you just have to use WhatsApp, Facebook or similar app, you can switch to HD + resolution in order to save more battery. If you think HD + resolution is too low, then my advice to set FHD + as default resolution. The advantages of 4K over fullHD are paltry on a screen of this size. But reducing the resolution allows you to have a big positive impact on battery life. You can manage the screen resolution directly in the Display settings.

Brightness management and auto screen shutdownimprove the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8 2

By default, Samsung S8 has automatic brightness on by default. a good idea to disable this feature and manually manage the brightness to preserve battery life.

Setting a low auto-off time is a good idea to manage energy savings. It is a good rule that the display is turned off when we are not using the smartphone and a low auto-off time could help us to achieve this. For example, you could set the display to turn off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.

Manage Always On Displayimprove the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8 3

LAways On Display a feature that has become very popular on Samsung devices. Allows you to show notifications on the display when the phone is locked and placed on the desk.

Although it is a very interesting function, it negatively affects the battery. For this reason, if you have no special needs, I recommend you to disable the Always On Display in the smartphone settings.

As you could see, the much vaunted display of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is also the main culprit for the bad battery performance. Until Samsung decides to optimize the energy saving of its top of the range, I recommend you use the measures described in this article.