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How to fix duplicate name in Mac Contacts

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<p>If you only entered the field in your Mac contacts <strong>First name</strong> leaving out the voice <strong>Surname</strong>, it will certainly have happened that by sending an email through the Apple application <strong>Mail</strong> to one of these contacts, the name is also duplicated in the field relating to the surname. Let's take an example: if I have a contact I called Mario and I decide to send him an email, by opening the address book later I find the contact stored as <strong>Mario Mario</strong>.</p><div class=

This is because Apple has integrated a function that could be interesting in the application Mail, that is, to complete the field Surname of our contacts intelligently, but in most cases this means duplicating the name field. After months of research I finally found the solution that I want to share with you. The procedure to do this:

  • Start the application Mail and go to the men bar, in Window -> Previous recipients

A window will open with all the addresses to which you have sent an email. This is the cause of all the problems.

  • Select all the addresses present and click on the button Remove from the list
  • Now close the application Mail by pressing the keys cmd + Q and start the application Terminal present in Applications -> Utility
  • Copy the following string, paste it into the Terminal and hit enter
defaults write SuppressAddressHistory -bool true

By performing these simple steps you will definitively solve the problem of duplicating the name in the contacts on your Mac.

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<p>If you have contact synchronization activated via <strong>iCloud</strong>, the duplication of the name will also be transferred to the address book of the<strong>iPhone</strong> is <strong>iPad</strong>. With this procedure the problem will also be solved on mobile devices.</p>