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How to backup and restore EFS data on Galaxy devices

Samsung Galaxy users flashing new firmware or flashing a custom ROM are aware of the partitionEFS and the need to safeguard their data. There EFS (Encrypting File System) basically a partition where device information and data is stored. Before making any changes to the system of your Android device, you need to know how to do it Backup and restore EFS data, precisely because of the importance of the data contained therein, which if deleted or modified, can cause serious problems to the device.

This problem can result in an invalid installation or cause damage to the firmware of the current EFS partition with the result of changing the device's IMEI to null. The problem of the EFS is more likely to happen when downgrading a Samsung Galaxy device. Having backed up the data on the EFS partition, this is the only thing that can safeguard your device during a change. There are several methods on the web for backing up and restoring EFS data, but most of these methods vary between different devices.

Here we want to recommend a very simple tool for Samsung devices, developed by an expert user of the XDA forum, ricky310711. Samsung Tool a light and easy app that allows you to backup and restore EFS data on any device Samsung Galaxy. There is no need to worry about the device model or the firmware installed in order to use this application. All you need that your device must have i Root permissions is Busy box installed and will work perfectly. Samsung Tool it can be installed as a normal APK. Let's see how you can use this application for backing up and restoring the EFS partition.

How to Backup and Restore EFS Data with Samsung Tool

  1. The device must have i Root permissions.
  2. The device must have Busybox installed. If the device has the Root, you can install it directly from the Play Store.
  3. Download Samsung Tool APK. Download it directly to your mobile phone or copy it to your phone from your PC.
  4. Select the APK file on your phone and install it. SelectPackage Installer if requested and allowunknown sources if necessary.
  5. Once installed, access the application.
  6. You will find all the options in Samsung Tool, select whether you want to back up, EFS restore, or restart the device.

This is all.

Backup and restore EFS data

As mentioned, Samsung Tool works with all devices Samsung Galaxy (even with those that are not listed below), confirmed devices are:

  • Samsung GT-I9300
  • Samsung GT-I9305
  • Samsung GT-I9505
  • Samsung GT-I9500
  • Samsung GT-N7100
  • Samsung GT-N7105
  • Samsung SM-N900
  • Samsung SM-N9005
  • Samsung SM-G900A
  • Samsung SM-G900F
  • Samsung SM-G900H
  • Samsung SM-G900I
  • Samsung SM-G900P
  • Samsung SM-G900T
  • Samsung SM-G900W8
  • Samsung SPH-L710

Backing up EFS data is the first thing you need to do once you get root permissions on your Samsung Galaxy device.