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How to automate the operations we frequently perform on the Mac

If you are looking for an application that allows you to optimize times and automate leaks that you usually perform on the Mac, I would like to point out the application for you. Today I want to talk to you about Hazel, a simple yet powerful software that allows you to create workflows that will be activated automatically as soon as certain conditions occur which are chosen by the user.

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After installing the application, it will go to the System preferencesand in the men bar. By selecting the relative icon, the user can start setting the various operations that Hazel I'll go play for you. Let's take some examples and try to clarify how the program works.

The program interface divided into three tabs: Folders, Trash is Info. The first tab is the main one, and in it we have to choose which folders to have ad checked Hazel. To create a new action, select the "+"Under the heading Foldersand choose the folder that will be analyzed by the program. After making the choice, we must assign actions to the folder, and to do so, select the "+ " under the voice Rules. In the new window we could choose various actions that Hazel will take place in our place. The very simple reasoning: if certain conditions that the user sets are met, then Hazel perform the related operations.


Example: I have the folder checked Downloadto Hazel, and every time a file with the extension torrent is detected, it will be automatically opened with the program uTorrent and later moved to Trash can. Also, I set that up every time in the folder Dropbox present a file torrent it is moved to the folder Download and subsequently opened with uTorrent. So I can download the torrent files directly from the smartphone or tablet when I'm away from home and move them to Dropbox so that the download starts automatically.

hazel4Moving on the tab Trash, we can decide to have the Trash can of the Mac ad Hazel, so that every time an application is deleted, all the associated system files are also deleted. In addition, scheduled cleaning can be activated (for example, the trash is emptied every week) or the definitive elimination of files larger than a predetermined size. The application has enormous potential, and the only limit is the creativity of the users who use it. Other examples of how Hazelto automate procedures on the Mac, it could be folder checking Download, where all the files we download from the web end up. For example, we may decide to move all the images downloaded for more than a week to the folder Images, import mp3 songs directly into iTunes or mark files downloaded from more than a certain period with a red label, so as to identify the files downloaded recently.

Hazelthe app to automate daily procedures on the Mac can be purchased directly from the developer website at a price of $ 25. If you do not feel like spending this amount with your eyes closed, you can still try all the potential of this fantastic application for 14 days for free.