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How not to be intercepted by Android smartphones

It is difficult in this period to defend your privacy, especially when you use, and we inevitably add new technologies such as mobile devices, which through phone calls and text messages manage to reveal everything about us. Last example, the third tick of WhatsApp that allows you to know in real time when our message will be read by the recipient. This small detail has aroused the anger of millions of users, let alone when our phone calls can be heard from prying ears. This is why apps likeRedPhone not to be intercepted when calling.

Due to these legitimate concerns of many users, some applications that want to protect privacy have emerged, among these we report RedPhone,that in recent years has had a somewhat troubled life as we see below. It is an app that works well if you find yourself in fear that someone will listen to your phone calls.not be intercepted 1RedPhone :: Private Calls the app that helps protect privacy in phone calls and therefore not be intercepted by others, which after a swing in and out of the Google Play Store, now available only in APK version on some alternative stores. In order to be able to use it by Android users, you must go to this store to download it for free and install it like any APK file. If you don't know how to do it, I recommend you read this guide that illustrates how to install apps outside the Android market.

RedPhone was created by Whisper Systems, a company that made itself known for security on mobile devices, in fact, this is an application for mobile devices with the purpose of making safe calls from Android smartphones. Subsequently, when the application was purchased from Twitter, it was removed from the Play Store and the source codes were released under the GPLv3 license making the software open source. ThenRedPhone back in the Android store to get out soon after.

With the app RedPhone normal voice calls are not made using the 2G or 3G network connection, but an encryption system is used which makes calls inaccessible and secure and therefore makes sure that they are not intercepted. RedPhonecreate an encrypted tunnel away VoIP in ZRTP between the two users who are communicating that they must have both on their smartphone with the installed application. The encryption system used by RedPhone it could be illegal for some countries, we do not know if it is for Italy, so if you use it, first check if it is legal in our country.