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How do your communications affect colors?

In 2006 a well-known printer brand advertised a new range of color prints in IT magazines. Right images, right slogan but ???? all in black and white. Can black and white create the sensation in the reader 's head of a product whose strength is clear color prints? One (…)

In 2006 a well-known printer brand advertised a new range of color prints in IT magazines. Right images, right slogan but ???? all in black and white.Can black and white create the sensation in the reader 's head of a product whose strength is clear color printing??

Research conducted by XeroxCorporation and International Communications indicates that people:

  1. 92% = Believe color presents an image of impressive quality.
  2. 90% = Believe color can assist in attracting new customers.
  3. 90% = Believe customers remember ads better when color is used.
  4. 81% = Believe color gives them a competitive edge.

Why are colors so important?Colors play a fundamental role in the unconscious associations that we all face in front of a communication or a product. In fact, during our life we ??accumulate a series of elementary associations between things / situations and colors. To that particular color "X" for the mind of your customers therefore corresponds an element that generates specific sensations. So if you want to guide their choices and their actions, you must not mistake the colors.

A few examples?

  • To communicate a notebook characterized by high power, using blue or green in communications creates feelings of tranquility, seriousness and purity. Are these the sensations you want to arouse?
  • To underline the eco-friendly features of a printer, using purple communicates creativity. Yet in your communication aesthetically purple was fine! True, but the aesthetics and the induction of the actions of the Customers are not the same thing … do you want beautiful communications like paintings or effective communications?
  • A call to action ("Click here"; "Find out now", "Download the presentation", etc.) on a landing page usually requires the use of a nice visible button green. I know, it often seems like a forcing that clashes with the color balance of the page, precisely because it attracts the attention that makes it act. And green the color that leads to click.
  • If then the call to action linked to a promotion linked to limited quantity or time of the validity of the offer, the right choice is red.Red as urgency and attention.

Even the number of colors chosen for your communications, fundamental for effectiveness. In general maximum 3. For the elements that must not attract the eye, but that must be present for the validity of what you communicate, use shades of gray.

Trivial attention perhaps, but that makes the difference in bringing your customers to action. So here is one roundup of colors and related associations taken from an interesting post by Debbie Laskeys:

BLUEThe color of blue relays integrity, responsibility, intelligence, reliability, truth, and honesty. Light hues of blue convey peace, softness, and healing. Dark hues of blue convey stability, security, and expertise. Blue often communicates feelings of respect, honesty, and confidence. Some well-known logos featuring blue includes: IBM, Ford, Citibank, VISA, Tiffany, Skype, General Motors, jetBlue, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Walmart, Nokia, Facebook, Twitter, and BlueCross / BlueShield.

GREENThe color of green brings to mind environment, growth, re-birth, spring, and luck. Green often communicates feelings of relaxation, renewal, revival, freshness, and optimism. Some well-known logos featuring green includes: Garnier Fructis hair care products, American Express, Starbucks, Green Giant vegetables, Whole Foods Market, Subway, Aer Lingus, L.L. Bean, Tropicana Orange Juice, and National Car Rental.

REDThe color of red brings to mind love, action, courage, determination and can also represent danger. Red often communicates feelings of boldness, passion, energy and grabs attention. Some well-known logos featuring red include: Coca-Cola, Red Cross, Bank of America, Target, Verizon, Toyota, YouTube, McAfee, Marriott Hotels, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Lego, and Levis.

PURPLEThe color of purple brings to mind royalty, luxury, magic, mysticism, and inspiration. Purple often communicates feelings of luxury, spirituality, and authority. Some well-known logos featuring purple includes: Yahoo !, FedEx, FedEx Ground, Los Angeles Lakers,, Cadbury Chocolates, and Hawaiian Airlines.

PINKThe color of pink brings to mind youthful exuberance, fun, excitement. Pink often communicates feelings of vibrancy and friendship.Some well-known logos featuring pink includes: Victorias Secret, Flirt dresses by Maggie Sottero, Pepto-Bismol, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and Mary Kay Cosmetics.

ORANGEThe color of orange brings to mind heat, competition, and productivity.Orangeoften communicates feelings of strength, determination, vitality, and energy. Some well-known logos featuring orange includes: Simply Orange Juice Company, Nickelodeon, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Mozilla Firefox Internet browser,, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Tide laundry detergent, and The Home Depot.

YELLOWThe color of yellow brings to mind energy, sunshine, warmth, light, happiness, creativity, vision, and warning. Yellow often communicates feelings of creativity, optimism, warmth, vision, and happiness. Some well-known logos featuring yellow includes: Hertz, Goodyear tires, Pennzoil, National Geographic, Ikea, Best Buy, Ferrari, Shell Oil, Yellow Pages, McDonalds, Subway, Dennys Restaurants, and In-N-Out Burger as well as thousands of taxi cabs on streets throughout New York City. Since the eye sees yellow before any other color, there is no question why those cabs are yellow.

BROWNThe color of brown brings to mind rustic, earthy, and warm. Brown often communicates feelings of romanticism and durability. Some well-known logos featuring brown include: UPS, Gloria Jeans Coffees, and Louis Vuitton handbags / attire / jewelry.

BLACKBlack brings to mind expensive products and has been known as the absence of color or all colors. It communicates feelings of power, drama, and sophistication.

WHITE ( (White)White brings to mind simplicity, cleanliness, and purity and often catches the eye when it is used to highlight words or image outlines. It is used in hospitals and for health-related items and also for bridal gowns.

What do you think about it?