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Guide on how to activate the iCloud Keychain service on Mac with OS X Mavericks

ICloud keyring on Mac

As we saw for iOS devices in this article, ICloud keyring the cloud service activated by iOS and MACOS devices to store and share a series of information such as user names, passwords, Wi-Fi networks and credit card information, so that you can easily fill in forms or accounts automatically access whenever you need it.

How to activate the iCloud Keychain service on Mac

As we said, keychains can be activated on iOS and MacOS, but this article will show how to install and use PortachiaviiCloudup MacOS.

The data stored and used by iCloud Keychain are securely protected using the 256-bit AES encryption, preventing unauthorized use of your information. PortachiaviiCloudit also includes a powerful password generator, which will create unique passwords for your online accounts in order to make passwords difficult to guess.

Activate Keychain on the Mac

To open System Preferences and click iCloud.


Now select the checkbox next to iCloud Keychain to activate it.

ICloud keyring

If the computer does not require a password to unlock the screen, we recommend setting one at this time as an additional security measure. Setting the optional password, but having one make it yours Mac more secure, and prevent other people from accessing your login information.

ICloud keychain 4

After deciding whether or not to create a password to reactivate yours Mac need to enter yours Apple ID.

After inserting the Apple ID password, to use iCloud Keychain approval must also be requested from other devices. By pressing the ?Usage code?, This will send an iCloud security code to the mobile number you have previously indicated. Enter the verification code taken from the text message of your phone. By clicking on ?Approval request?A message will appear on the other devices asking to enable it.

ICloud keychain 5
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ICloud 10 keyring

For example, after setting iCloud Keychain on a device iOS or Mac, you can activate it on another iOS device. Then, Notification center in Mavericks warns that another device has been activated on your account iCloud Keychain.

By clicking on ?View", In System Preferences the panel opens iCloud. To complete this process, click on ?Details"And then enter the Apple ID password that is used with iCloud.

Now that we have it set up iCloud Keychain both on our device iOS than on ours Mac, let's see how to use it.

How to use iCloud Keychain

On websites

When visiting websites for the first time on the iOS device usingPortachiaviiCloud, you will be asked to confirm if you really want to save the password in the ICloud keyring. This is a nice feature, because you can decide what information you want to store in PortachiaviiCloud.

When you go to that site next time, Safari will automatically fill in the login information to be able to access it.Visiting the same site on your Mac, it will also automatically enter your login information here, even if you have never visited that site on your Mac. you go to a website for the first time on the Mac using PortachiaviiCloud, asks you to confirm if you really want to save the password in the PortachiaviiCloudjust like done on the iOS device.The next time you go to that site, it is automatically filled in with your login information.

When you switch from an iOS device to OS X, the website setups on the Mac will automatically be synchronized with the iOS device and automatically enter the login information.

To pay by credit card

If you entered your credit card details in iCloud Keychain, very easy to pay online. By clicking inside the box "Card number?Shows the credit cards you have stored. Click on what you want to use, and the only thing you need to do is to enter the card's security code.

To generate a secure password

When to use ICloud keyring on the Mac with Safari, there is a feature called Password Generator. When you create an online account, the Password Generator generates a string of characters and random numbers. Using this string as your password will help you keep your account more secure than using an easy-to-guess password. To use the generated password, simply click on it and your Mac will automatically save the account password for your iCloud keychain.

However, not all sites give the possibility to create a random password through Password Generator. The Mac lets you know if Safari will suggest a password and will not be saved before logging in.

You are able to ignore sites that don't require password saving, making sure that "Allow automatic filling"Is activated in Settings Safari on both iOS and Mac.

What and where to store on iCloud Keychain

Now let's see what can be stored in ICloud keyring. On the iOS device, i ICloud Keychain data are found in Safari in the App settings. To view the information, open the Settings from Safari and click on ?Password and automatic compilation. "

ICloud Keychain data the place to view and edit information. Activating "Use contact information?, The device can automatically fill in the online forms using the information in its personal file. By clicking on ?Saved passwords"Will show you the accounts you have stored in ICloud keyring. By clicking on account requires the access code that is used to enter the iOS device.

However, if you don't have an access code set on your iOS device, the password can easily be shown. By clicking on "Edit?In the upper right corner gives you the possibility to delete passwords. Self "Always allow?On, overwrites the site's preference not to memorize the password, but doing this on the iOS device does not require an access code enabled.

Scrolling through the settings page, it gives you the possibility to store your credit card data. By clicking on ?credit cards saved?Allows you to view the credit cards that have been stored. To add more credit cards, press the "Add credit card?And fill in the form.

On Mac, your data ICloud keyring are located in the Preferences Safari To reach Safari Preferences, click on ?Safari"In the upper left corner when the application is running, then click"Preferences?, Or press the command and the comma key simultaneously.

Then click on the "Automatic filling?At the top of the preferences window.

How to fill out forms with Contact cards

By enabling "Use information from my contact card?Will allow you to automatically fill in the online forms using the information in the contact form. By clicking on ?Edit, ?Opens the Contacts, selects the tab, and allows modification. By clicking on ?Edit"Next to usernames and passwords shows you a list of the accounts you have stored in ICloud keyring.

By enabling "Show passwords for selected websites?In the lower left corner requires the computer password. If you do not have a password to access the computer account, simply press the "OK" button and it will show you the password. To cancel the passwords, you can select it and press the Del key on the keyboard, or press the "Remove"In the lower right corner. If you want that ICloud keyring store passwords for websites that do not allow you to store passwords, you can force the function by activating "Allow automatic filling, even for websites that don't require saving passwords", lower left.

It is possible to add credit cards with the "Edit" next to "Credit cards"And pressing the button"add".

This ICloud keyring, an excellent and easy way to manage and synchronize credit card data and passwords through your Apple devices.