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Google Maps, the next version already knows where you are going

The Android app will try to understand in advance where you want to go and will contain a detailed history of past movements

Google Maps (Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

There is a full-bodied update coming soon for the Android edition of Google Maps. According to what the Android Police blog reported first, the next version of the cartography and navigation software signed by the Mountain View company will contain at least three substantial updates.

The first new one driving modeby activating which Google will try to guess what could be the next destination of the user and provide driving directions and traffic information without the need to make the request explicitly: a bit like Google Now, which announces in advance the journey times to home or the workplace.

The second major news is the return in plain sight of the button for mute the voice guidance. Positioned on the main navigation screen for a short period of time, for some reason Google had quickly decided to remove it, relegating the option to the app's internal inconveniences for all the latest versions: now back.

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

The latest addition concerns the browsing history: through this menu accessible from the side panel you can keep an eye all the movements made day by day, with a calendar interface to choose the date of interest and a map with a timeline that positions the day's movements on the map. Anyone feeling frightened by the Mountain View tracking ability can always disable the function from the settings or erase data relating to certain periods.

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Google is by sending the update gradually to compatible Android smartphones: it will be installed automatically over the course of next days.


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