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Get root permissions on Galaxy S8 with CF Auto Root

The Galaxy S8 is the most powerful smartphone that Samsung has ever produced. It enchants for a beautiful design and top quality hardware. After purchasing this phone, when you switch it on, you will find it running Android Nougat and it would be interesting to get the Root permissions on Galaxy S8 to further increase its potential.

Just a week after the release of the Galaxy S8, the developers have already started modifying this device. On the phone, it was possible to install TWRP Recovery and obtain root permissions using the Magisk module. However, this method which initially allowed users to obtain the root permissions for the installation of TWRP, contained some complications. Users had to go through a long procedure to flash TWWP and get root permissions. The traditional method of obtaining root permissions on Galaxy S8 using the Auto Root toolCF was not available, due to the security features found in the new Android firmware.

Now we can finally give the good news: Chainfire has updated CF Auto Root for any Galaxy smartphone with Android Nougat. The list of lucky devices also includes the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. If you own one of these smartphones, you can immediately get root permissions using the simplest method that we provide below.

flashingCF Auto Root a process of just 2 minutes and you can make it work on the Exynos variants of Samsung Galaxy S8. Follow the instructions below in this guide, which will allow you to obtain root permissions on Galaxy S8 with CF Auto Root.

Read carefully: by obtaining root permissions on the Galaxy S8 via the CF Auto Root function, its warranty is canceled and the Knox counter is altered. After obtaining root permissions, you will have activated dm-verity verification. To bypass this, you need to factory reset your phone which will erase the phone's internal memory. In case of any inconvenience, Guideitechnon is held responsible. Perform any operation at your own risk.


  1. This guide to get root permissions on Galaxy S8 with CF Auto Root compatible with Galaxy S8 versions G950F, G950FD, G950U, G950N is G950W with Android Nougat. Do not use it on another device or later versions of Android. Check the model number of your device by accessing the Settings> About phone.
  2. Charge your phone up to 50% to ensure power during the flash process.
  3. Make a full backup of your Android smartphone, your important contacts, the call log, SMS messages. Copy multimedia content to your PC. you can also sync contacts with your Gmail account. Do not skip this step as you will need to restore the device after obtaining root permissions.
  4. In developer option enable unlock OEM and the mode USB debugging on the phone.
  5. Use the OEM data cable to connect the phone to the PC.
  6. Disable Samsung Kies and Windows Firewall while using Odin.
  7. Follow the other instructions carefully below.

Downloads required

After extracting the downloaded file, you will receive a file Auto Root.tar for your device.

Root permissions on Galaxy S8 with CF AutoRoot

  • You open Odin 3.12.5.exe on your computer.
  • Click on the tab AP in Odin.
  • Select the file CF Auto Root.tar.md5 just downloaded for your phone.

Root permissions on Galaxy S8 1

  • Put the phone in download mode now press and hold the keys for a while Volume Gi + Home + Power button.
  • Now connect the phone to the PC. As soon as the connection is made, the box ID: COM in Odin it turns blue. The status will be displayed Addedin the Odin log box.

Root permissions on Galaxy S8 2

  • Click on the button Options from Odin. Make sure the only option selected is F.ResetTime. No other options should be selected.

Root permissions on Galaxy S8 3

  • Now that everything is ready to flashAuto Root, click the button Start of Odin and wait a while.
  • It will take a minute at most to flash CF Auto Root. Once PASS! flashes, unplug your phone and restart it manually. Hold the keys down for a while Volume Up + Gi + Power buttonto restart the phone.

Root permissions on Galaxy S8 4

  • When the phone starts, it will show you the warning that the function has been activated DM-Verity and that you need to reset the device. Do theRESETdevice to boot the system. If the phone doesn't ask you to reset your device, simply start the phone, so you can skip this step.
  • Once you reset your phone, on reboot it will take you to the new unlocked system. Now can install Root Checker to check if you have obtained root permissions on the device. all.

If your Galaxy S8 continues to notify an unauthorized activity in progress, simply open the application SuperSUon the phone. SuperSU will tell you to disable Samsung Knox. Let SuperSU turn off Samsung Knox and the notification of unauthorized activity will leave immediately after.

If the phone is taking too long to boot, it can restart the recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. If the phone still takes time, boot the phone again in recovery mode and run a factory data reset (factory data reset). It can take up to 10 minutes for the phone to charge. Have some patience while the phone completes the process.


You have obtained root permissions on Galaxy S8 using the simplest procedure with CF Auto Root. Now you can start improving your device. On a phone with root permissions, you can use applications like Titanium Backup, Greenify and many more. You can also increase your phone's battery life by using apps that require unlocked root. In this article you will find the best applications for rooted Android devices. Now you can get the most out of your Android smartphone.