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Free To Play part 2: war games

free to play

The situation is always the same. The sales are over Steam, the wallet cries and the desire for adventures not yet passed! But the titles in the library have been played and replayed. A solution c? If you want to always c Torrent; but if a person wants to stay out of the world of piracy and reward game creators how does he do it? The real solution to take some time and learn how things are going in the world of the web where the possibilities are enormous and the prices very low. Seen flash interest shown on social networks for the article on free to play already present on this site, I thought to extend the list to launch other proposals, in order to save you some work. Most of the online titles are MMOs and here I introduce some of them. For beginners it means Massive Multiplayer Onlineor rather huge communities built on servers where many people connect simultaneously. They are games that can only be played on a solid Internet connection, where people of all nationalities meet and where you get caught up in the competition or the desire to improve and you invest many hours of play.

War without frontiers

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<p>There are so many online games, of good quality and, above all, free that you could make a section just for them. To begin by citing them, I give you the first example: <b>Planetside 2</b>. an MMOFPS or a shooter played in massive online multiplayer, which you can download for free through <strong>Steam</strong>; the sequel to Planetside, the first, true, game in this category. In short, the game takes place inside a war in progress between three gigantic human factions, born after the colonization of the planet Auraxis, the place where all the events take place. It doesn't make much sense to dwell on the narrative strand because this game is not meant to have a curated story. Auraxis is nothing but an arena for a gigantic, continuous war in PVP (there is no PVE), where you fight for the conquest of pieces of territory to bring to your faction.</p>
<p>This planet in turn divided into three continents each with its nerve points, each with a different game approach given by its orography, each with a system of objectives to defend and conquer. All in bloated proportions! To give you an idea I will describe a little what happens in the game. Once in the game the first thing that strikes, apart from the size of the map in view, are the teammates. At the beginning, generally about ten are seen together, all running on the same side, towards the point marked on the map. You also start to converge to the point and, as you move forward, you see more and more people, armored vehicles that run, aircraft that overtake you at full speed. Those in front of you arrive first at the top of a hill and stop, start shooting.</p>
<p style=planetside2-03 "src =" "width =" 484 "height =" 272 "srcset =" // 1024w, // 520w, // 150w, // -300x169.jpg 300w, // 768w, // /planetside2-03-640x360.jpg 640w, // 980w, // /2013/12/planetside2-03.jpg 1280w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 484px) 100vw, 484px "/></p>
<p>You climb on it too and you find yourself facing a deadly chaos: you are in front of a base in the act of its conquest. Dozens of people, bullets, explosions and tanks that go around trying to hit each other while an aircraft occasionally crashes down. Never make the idea I want, but if you think there are 6 different classes that collaborate, ground vehicles and typical planes of each faction, from landing and combat, and that conquering a base a long and strategic job, you will understand that the scenes you see have only one adjective. Breathtaking. a game that allows you to grow for 100 levels, improving weapons and armored vehicles as the experience progresses, thus becoming prestigious members of your army. cared for in the details of the weapons, in balancing the classes and factions, which are different in the approach to war and equally strong. In three words: it's worth it.</p>
<h3><span class=Battle machines

World-of-Tanks_PC_cover "src =" "width =" 515 "height =" 315 "srcset =" // 572w, // -520x318.jpg 520w, // 150w, // /12/World-of-Tanks_PC_cover-300x184.jpg 300w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 515px) 100vw, 515px "/></p>
<p>When I went to the first one <strong>GamesWeek</strong>, in 2011, I remember seeing the booth of <b>World of Tanks</b> and I thought all this exhibition space for this vaccine ?. I have never been so mistaken as that time: the <strong></strong> that space had earned it all right, with some of the most innovative and beautiful MMO titles of the year and that only a stupid prejudice like mine could evaluate in that way. First of all, I introduce you to my friend tank: after being excluded from the war or having played the role of the supporting actor for a long time, in World of Tanks the protagonist returns to him. Forget the approach of those with the ass parried by the tons of steel all around.</p>
<p>No more fighting against toy soldiers! Now those tons are a weight that must be moved very carefully, because what we have aimed at are no longer rifles, they are other wagons. The fundamental team game, first of all in the tactical management of vast maps, where it is important to report an approaching formation or an artillery position. But also because there are more than 100 different tanks, each with its speed, its rate of fire, its weak and strong points. So no more frontal charges are seen, they would be suicide. Instead it is not uncommon to see teams perform valuable evasion or ambush maneuvers, taking advantage of covers and dead spots of the enemy vision.</p>
<p style=21571-world-of-tanks-trailer-della-xbox-360-edition_jpg_1280x720_crop_upscale_q85 "src =" -della-xbox-360-edition_jpg_1280x720_crop_upscale_q85-1024x576.jpg "width =" 538 "height =" 302 "srcset =" // tanks-trailer-della-xbox-360-edition_jpg_1280x720_crop_upscale_q85-1024x576.jpg 1024w, // -edition_jpg_1280x720_crop_upscale_q85-520x293.jpg 520w, // / 300w, // content / uploads / 2013/12/21571-world-of-tanks-trailer-of-xbox-360-edition_jpg_1280x720_crop_upscale_q85-768x432 .jpg 768w, // 640w, //www.guideitech .com / wp-content / uploads / 2013/12/21571-world-of-tanks-trailer-della-xbox-360-edition_jpg_1280x720_crop_upscale_q85-980x551.jpg 980w, // 2013/12/21571-world-of-tanks-trailer-della-xbox-360-edition_jpg_1280x720_crop_upscale_q85.jpg 1280w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 538px) 100vw, 538px "/></p>
<p>What seemed like a rough title for people who want to split everything turned out to be a tactical gem where the choice of the cart with which you enter the game alters the balance of the entire game. World of tanks also boasts a huge community (70 million people) but balanced by a player selection software that is based on latencies and even allows an assisted aim to correct errors due to connection disparities. Go and meet them on</p>
<h3><span class=Lead rain

World-of-Warplanes-logo "src =" "width =" 545 "height =" 328 "srcset =" // 545w, // /World-of-Warplanes-logo-520x313.jpg 520w, // 150w, //www.guideitech .com / wp-content / uploads / 2013/12 / World-of-Warplanes-logo-300x181.jpg 300w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 545px) 100vw, 545px "/></p>
<p>Another great protagonist of the free multiplayer game the fighter plane, present in two beautiful titles, similar to each other: <b>World of Warplanes</b> of the aforementioned e <b>War Thunder</b> by Gaijin Entertainment. Nothing better to see bullets rain at high altitude! I state that the games are different, that neither fanatic clan attacks me on the street, please! For, like the FIFA / PES or Battlefield / CoD binomials are comparable. The juice: you earn, by knocking down enemies, planes, accessories and weapons to become the best fighter pilots of the virtual skies. They differ in a series of small details that I would no longer be able to correctly attribute to one or the other title. You can collide with other players in single or in team, you can concentrate on the illusion of small fragile fighters or heavy bombers, but above all you fly!</p>
<p style=war-thunder-game-HD "src =" "width =" 576 "height = "324" srcset = "// 1024w, // /2013/12/war-thunder-game-HD-520x293.jpg 520w, // 150w, / / 300w, // thunder-game-HD-768x432.jpg 768w, // 640w, // wp-content / uploads / 2013/12 / war-thunder-game-HD-980x551.jpg 980w, // 1920w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 576px) 100vw, 576px "/></p>
<p>A realistic and articulated flight system, which guarantees the effects of being hit with reduced performance, which is affected by the weather. Once again the adjective that recurs most  <em>impressive</em>, because they are well-made games, which allow dynamic confrontations, elaborate and spectacular maneuvers, encirclement and circumvention, adrenaline in the clouds! The graphics of vehicles and landscapes are designed to be as faithful as possible to the originals, as well as attention to detail, such as shadows in the cockpit or damage to the vehicles: explosions, smoke and crashes are a pleasure for the eyes.</p>
<p>Despite this, the engine proves surprisingly light and allowing a smooth game even with mediocre computers. Of course there is a problem in playing these titles, because the results achieved are strictly related to the skill of the player. A certain promptness in reasoning is needed to understand and anticipate the enemy, the only real means to be sure of pulling him down. That the scarce ones keep off the track, therefore, but there is no doubt that after a bit of training with bots, anyone will feel like facing human opponents!</p>