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Free keyboards for Android: the best

The keyboard is definitely the component you use most when you have an Android smartphone or tablet in your hand. Having a fast and snappy keyboard will allow you to write messages in chat faster, without forgetting the other additional features that a good keyboard must have (emojis, personalized themes, voice commands and text prediction). In this guide I will show you keyboards for Android freewhich we believe are the best. The best Android keyboard that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store is in this list. They are all compatible with the vast majority of Android devices on the market.

Free keyboards for Android

Gboardkeyboards for Android: Gboard

I could not start this section on the best keyboards for Android without immediately mentioning Gboard, the keyboard developed by Google. Integrated into many devices, this keyboard can be added as a basic keyboard on your Android device. Integrate the best of Google technology: predictive text, Google voice commands, integrated Google search, emoji, scrolling typing and suggestions in other languages ??(if you often use multiple languages ??to write messages). Some themes are also available, so you can choose the style you like best.

You can download Gboard for free from the following link.


SwiftKeyFree keyboards 1

The best Android keyboard! SwiftKey became famous thanks to its ability to guess the next words to be typed, allowing you to complete sentences of complete meaning only using the prediction system. SwiftKey has been free for some time now and offers emojis and themes, so you can get a unique keyboard of its kind.

You can download SwiftKey for free from the following link.


FleksyFree keyboards 2

The Fleksy keyboard is one of the most innovative of the new keyboards available for Android. Flesky is a very fast keyboard both on opening and typing and offers additional features: integrated GIF search, themes, emojis and extensions to improve the characteristics of the keyboard.

You can download Fleksy for free from the following link.


GO KeyboardFree keyboards 3

Among the "older" keyboards available on Android you will find Go Keyboard, the keyboard that has made customization its strong point. You can really customize it in everything: from the size of the keys to the colorful and fun themes, with the addition of emojis of all kinds. The ideal keyboard for those who do not want to have the classic one-color keyboard!

You can download Go Keyboard for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | GO Keyboard

Hackers KeyboardFree keyboards 4

The keyboard for those who love writing codes and accessing the most hidden folders! This keyboard faithfully follows the functionality of a PC keyboard, including special keys! So if you need an "expert" keyboard, this is the best available. No graphic tinsel and no emoji: a "raw" keyboard, not very suitable for those looking for colored keyboards.

You can download Hacker's Keyboard from the following link.

DOWNLOAD APK |Hackers Keyboard

Free keyboards from smartphone manufacturers

In addition to third-party keyboards, you can also try the keyboards made available by the various smartphone manufacturers. Have you seen a very nice keyboard on that particular smartphone? You can download it with a simple tap on the screen of your device.

Here are the best available on the Google Play Store: