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Free iTunes songs also in Italy with Coca Cola

The Coca Cola and iTunes promotion also arrives in Italy. According to the site specializing in advertising Pubblicit Italia, the Italian branch of the multinational beverage company.

The promotion, launched in recent months in Great Britain and Germany, also includes the activation for our market of the "Live – Meets Digital" digital platform. In practical terms, these are the possibilities to publish podcasts, using a dedicated Coca Cola site that works by interfacing with iTunes, to upload songs to the Coca Cola site, to vote for them and interact with the artists.

Even more interesting for the general public is the offer of free songs.

As happened elsewhere, starting from February 15 in Italy, the free codes that can be used on the iTunes Store Italy will be shown on the labels of the 0.5 L packs of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light and Coca-Cola without caffeine. ?Through the site, – says Pubblicit Italia – participants will be able to access iTunes to use their own code and will be able to choose from 4 million songs from the vast iTunes catalog. The Coca-Cola + iTunes promotion will start on February 15th and will continue until April 30th.

To launch the initiative, a show will be held at the Rolling Stone in Milan tomorrow, Thursday 8 February from 9 pm with live performances.

Thanks for the report to Marco Bonetti.