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Fetch Your Lyrics 1.7: lyrics within iTunes

Fetch Your Lyrics 1.7: lyrics within iTunes logomacitynet1200wide 1

Fetch Your Lyrics is a handy accessory for iTunes that allows you to quickly view the lyrics of a song without having to recall them from the information window.

Baster launch the plug-in with iTunes and, once the song has started, the program will open an automatic window in which the lyrics of the song will be displayed. In the event that the text has not yet been stored within iTunes, there is an online search browser, integrated into the application, with which it will be very easy to successfully complete the search for the text.

Now in version 1.7, Fetch Your Lyrics offers the following new features: – Automatic opening of iTunes at the launch of Fetch Your Lyrics; – Automatic search in the case of a song without text; – Improvement of the search system within the lyrics; – Updating of lyric updating routines in the "Preferences" menu; – Possibility to exclude some songs from the combination with texts (eg instrumental songs) called Exeption List; – Possibility to modify the Exeption List at any time; – Fast insertion system of texts via copy / paste; – iTunes control window integrated in the main window with timer included.

Fetch Your Lyrics 1.7 downloadable in freeware version from the manufacturer's website. It is available for Mac Os X 10.4 or later and requires iTunes version 6.0.2 or later.

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