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FastStone Image Viewer: best free software to manage photos on PC

If you are passionate about photography and you have a lot of photos stored on your PC and you want to keep them in order, catalog them in order to easily find them, the best way is to use specific software that facilitates this task. An easy, free program in Italian but above all complete with all the functions for managing photos FastStone Image Viewer.

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FastStone Image Viewer not a simple application for viewing images, but a complete application, which in addition to displaying photos, gives the possibility to edit images with simple steps, or to convert photographs and make them compatible with other devices.

FastStone Image Viewer equipped with numerous and powerful editing functions that allow you to edit your shots and then convert them to other formats. It is possible to remove red eyes, cut the image, resize them, rotate them, turn them upside down, send them quickly as attachments in an email, change their brightness, hue, sharpness and saturation. It is also possible to add texts or watermarks to images, and apply other color effects: grayscale, sepia, negative, Red / Green / Blue.

The program FastStone Image Viewer it can operate with many multimedia formats, among which: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TGA, JPEG2000, EPS, PSD, WMF, CUR, ICO and PDF.

Furthermore FastStone Image Viewer it has advanced full screen technology, which allows you to view photos by going into details and zoom in on certain areas of the shot. The application is also compatible with touch screen monitors and the option to use two monitors simultaneously.

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FastStone Image Viewer also available in portable format, a zip file (compressed) of the application that includes all the files necessary to run the application independently. The great advantage that you can carry the application around on a pendrive or memory stick / USB, and copy / move from PC to PC through a simple copy of the files. No installation needed.

The software FastStone Image Viewer you can download and install it completely free of charge and also available in Italian. The program compatible with all versions of Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.