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Facebook is working on its operating system

A customized operating system could allow Facebook to move away from Android

A Facebook operating system. Well, yes. In an effort to end Google's Android operating system addiction, Facebook is now working to build its operating system from scratch to fuel its hardware dreams.

According to sources made in the USA Facebook would have entrusted the task of building its operating system to Mark Lucovsky, the co-author of the Microsoft operating system called Windows NT.

Lipothesis reinforced by a statement attributed to Ficus Kirkpatrick, Facebook's number one for the divisions ofaugmented realityisvirtual reality.According to his words, it is possible that the group is committed in order to no longer be dependent on Google's software. The statement by Andrew Bosworth, head of the team working on components and also suggests something very similarhardware devices.

facebook operating system

"We really want to make sure that the next generation has room for us"He said toAndrew Bosworth, at the head of Facebook's augmented and virtual reality.?We don't think we can trust the market or competitors to make sure it is. And therefore we will do it alone. "

Facebook is also developing a voice assistant similar to Siri and Alexa. The company even contacted Microsoft to get data from its Bing search engine to "train" the assistant. Much of this work will take place on the new 770,000-foot campus. Facebook squares under construction in Burlingame, California, where Facebook will work on these and other products, such as its AR glasses.

This would not be the first time that Facebook would consider developing its own operating system.Facebook once developed prototypes of a custom operating system for the home, but eventually decided to use Android. And someone will remember that Facebook already tried almost a decade ago to pack its Android customization destined for onesmartphonespecially made byHTC.