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Face Swap Live, the app to make live photo montages

Without wasting too much time, the application creates live photomontages


Now, there are two alternatives: this new app could make you laugh, or terribly disturb. It is part of that series of applications that exchange the faces of the protagonists of the photos, but it represents, let's say, the next level of this kind of photomontage.

Face Swap Liveinfatti, for iOS, swaps the "heads" of the protagonists filmed from the camera in real time, and also records. The exchange of physiognomy can take place directly if you are at someone's side: in that case you could immortalize the strange couple in a photo or video.

If instead you dreamed of a photomontage with a celebrity, in that case the faces would not be side by side, but it would be a matter of overlapping each other in a single photo. Again, you can take a photo or record a video with the new features.


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