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Copy and convert DVD with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to ISO, …

If you are a movie buff you will surely have a large collection of films on DVD and you will probably need to be able to use them backup copies at least of the DVDs you use most often. With the spread of portable devices (smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc.) there is also the need to be able to watch your favorite films on these devices; however, using them side by side with a DVD player would be impractical and not easily achievable. DVDs are usually also protected to prevent unauthorized copies of them being made, this is to the detriment of those who regularly possess the original copy and do not want to take the risk To solve these problems, copying and converting protected DVDs to other digital formats designed specifically to be played on the various portable devices.WinX-DVD-Ripper-Platinum "width =" 793 "height =" 264 "srcset =" 793w, 696w "sizes =" (max-width: 793px) 100vw, 793px "/ > Everything you promise to do <strong>WinX DVD Ripper Platinum</strong>The program available in the shareware version, to unlock all the features you need to buy it. The shareware version still allows the <strong>copy of DVDs</strong>, to make backup copies, burning directly to a new DVD, copying the DVD to ISO on the hard disk, or copying the structure of folders and files to the hard disk.<span id=The steps for copy or convert DVDs they are very simple, also just read the program window to understand the order of the steps to be performed.

Below we see how copy the DVD in ISO format to the hard diskSelect the DVD you want to copy by clicking on:

  • Disk if you want to copy from the DVD player.
  • Image if you want to copy from a previously saved ISO file.
  • Folder if you previously saved the DVD with its folder and file structure.

After clicking on Disk you will be asked to Select the DVD source disc, ie the DVD you want to copy / convert, once selected click on OK,1-select-dvd "width =" 793 "height =" 539 "srcset =" 793w, https: // 696w, -select-dvd-618x420.jpg 618w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 793px) 100vw, 793px "/></p>
<p> after a short wait the window will appear <strong>Output setting</strong>, in this window there will be all the types of format in which it is possible to copy and convert the DVD, those who are impractical in choosing the useful video format for their needs have nothing to worry about, in fact there are various sections to be guided on what the correct video format (AVI, WMV, MPEG4, H264, etc.) based on the use that must be made of it or on the device that will be used to play the video (pc; mobile / portable devices android, apple, microsoft, etc.) or even more simply to save only the audio in various formats (mp3, AAC, AC3). In our example we choose the section <strong>DVD Backup</strong>, click on <strong>Clone DVD to ISO Image</strong> and then on <strong>OK</strong>.<img class=