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Consumers from France and Germany are asking to open iTunes

Consumers from France and Germany are asking to open iTunes logomacitynet1200wide 1

French and German consumers also claim that the songs downloaded from iTunes are compatible with digital music players produced by Apple's competitors.

The position taken by two of the most important companies in the transalpine country and the federal republic was formalized with the adhesion to the initiative that Norway, together with other Nordic countries, has undertaken towards Apple. This was announced by the ombudsman, the consumer ombudsman, Norwegian Bjoern Eric.

The two associations in question are FC-Que Choisir and, Ferbraucherzentralen; the signing of the agreement represents a significant blow for consumer associations. France and Germany, with England, are the two main countries of Europe in the IT market and are close to Japan in terms of turnover. In particular, Germany is a country of enormous and strategic importance in the field of digital music. France has already adopted special legal procedures which would allow, at least from a theoretical point of view, iPod competitors to request the compatibility of iTunes music with other MP3 music devices.

Recall that the initiative of the Nordic countries has already led to a face to face between Apple and the leaders of consumer associations. The statements following the meeting by the ombudsman had been of moderate optimism if nothing else about the attitude of Cupertino who would be available for comparison and collaboration.

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