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Compress PDF files

The files PDF they are commonly used to represent text and images in a way independent from the software and hardware you are using. This means that the document we are viewing is represented in the same way regardless of computer / Tablet / smartphone is operating system that we are using.

How to reduce PDF size

The PDF used as a file exchange format and is very often requested by websites for theupload of documents and articles. The size of this type of file can be a problem when we have limitations that prevent it from being uploaded, transferred to devices with limited memory or sent via email.

In this article we see different solutions that we can use for compress, or reduce the size of a PDF file that we have.

We will review platform-independent online services and specific programs for Windows is Mac OS X.

1) PDFaid

The web service in question has a simple interface and options for compression of the PDF file. Can be used directly from browser: IE, Chrome, Safari, etc. is does not require installation of additional software on the computer.

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<p>Select the PDF file you want to compress by clicking on <strong>Choose File</strong> under <strong>Step 1</strong>. You can configure several options for compression, trying to avoid losing quality (especially in the presence of PDF with images).</p>
<p>Click on <strong>Compress PDF</strong> to send your file to the web service and start compression. With <strong>PDFaid</strong> unfortunately we are limited (which irony) in the size of the file to be sent, which in the completely free version, stand at <strong>20 MB</strong>.</p>
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With PDF compressor you can also act on the compression settings and customize them by clicking on the button Compression Settings.

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<h3><strong>4)</strong> Preview / Preview (<strong>Mac OS X</strong>)</h3>
<p>Closed <strong>OSX</strong> already has the ability to work with and compress PDFs in the operating system; just use l<strong>application</strong> <strong>Preview</strong> (<strong>preview</strong>?In the English version).</p>
<p>Open a PDF file (usually associated with Preview), click on ?<strong>File</strong>"And then on"<strong>Export</strong>". Of course, you choose PDF as format and as Quartz Filter, <strong>Reduce File Size</strong>.</p>
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