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Cisco-Apple agreement by Thursday?

Apple and Cisco may close the iPhone name lawsuit very quickly. The Wall Street Journal announced this in a short article published over the weekend.

According to the financial newspaper, in recent days, a channel of dialogue was reopened between the two companies' top management, immediately exploited to carry on the negotiations that had taken place between the parties for months but which had abruptly stopped on the day of the official presentation of the phone. The Wall Street Journal does not say when the agreement between Cisco and Apple will be announced, but according to the financial newspaper that, normally, when he talks about Apple he is hardly wrong, the legal offices would like to close the matter before Thursday, the day in which the lawyers of the Apple will have to go to court for formal opening of the proceedings.

If the Wall Street Journal were right, the forecasts of analysts and observers would be confirmed that in recent days, coinciding with the formal announcement jointly issued by Cisco and Apple of an extension of the negotiation times, had predicted a rapid agreement between the two sides.

On the other hand, nothing would seem to preclude a friendly settlement of the story. In fact, Cisco is not interested in the ownership of the iPhone name as much as in the 'technological' opening of Apple towards its network products. In practical terms, Cisco would like to have a privileged channel to exploit the presumed success of the iPhone among telephony carriers and, probably, also from private individuals. In the face of this, it would be willing to give up, perhaps even free of charge, the name that is used for a certain non-strategic or exceptionally innovative, Voice Over Ip telephone.