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Burner on Macs, the ones that others don't say

Burner on Mac, the ones that others don't say | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has made a mistake in not considering the offer of a rewritable burner to its computer line as urgent. Jobs himself admitted the mistake during the conference for the presentation of the tax results by adding "we will repair this mistake". All this was enough to induce analysts and many websites that had a good game to predict the arrival rewritable as standard equipment of Macs in the context of the MacWorld Expo. An easy anticipation that for had to deal with another factor that makes it difficult to understand that how and when Apple will be able to meet this need.Cupertino, now practically across the board, offers a DVD player. The ability to read movies and discs encoded according to this standard is a characteristic feature of Apple machines and in fact also indispensable. How to have a rewritable burner and a DVD player included in the same machine has been one of the busillis of the past few weeks solved in the most imaginative ways. Who has gone so far as to hypothesize the use of "combos" of DVD player and CD-RW, who believes in the use of a new concept burner produced by Panasonic and which allows you to create and read DVDs and CDs, those who think in the build to order or in an external drive. In reality all these solutions involve many difficulties. The "combo" represents a complex and castrating solution for the future expandability of the machine (The CD-RW would occupy a useful place for another HD), the DVD-CD-RW burner, then, not only costs two million but will not be available that since March. Finally, the build to order does not solve the diffusion of a rewritable on the whole range and the external solution complicates the life of the users. In reality the solution would be there and at hand: it would be enough to adopt a DVD player with built-in CD burner like those produced Toshiba The drive, called Toshiba's SD-R1002, would be exactly the case for Apple because it would offer compatibility with DVD discs and at the same time create discs in CD format. Thanks to the SD-R1002, Apple would be able to immediately offer the two "iMac-style" applications, one of which for DVD creation and the second for MP3 compilations. Although the SD-R1002, in fact, cannot create real DVDs it can be used to produce CD discs in DVD format and therefore also real home movies. In the meantime Pioneer could work on its DVD / CD-RW whose diffusion it will also bring about a drop in prices. Perhaps for the next revision of the G4 they could be such as to allow their build to order and the creation of real home DVDs. In the meantime, the DVD player with CD-RW may have extended to the whole range, including the consumer range. But this is a story that, we hope, we will tell later.

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