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Broadcom, superchip for mobile phones and PDAs

Broadcom, superchip for mobile phones and PDAs Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Broadcom has announced a new chip for pocket systems capable of performing three functions in one: Wifi connectivity, FM tuning and communication via Bluetooth.

The component of particular interest to the world of mobile phones and PDAs because it promises very small dimensions, being created with a 65 nanometer process. Thanks to the chip, called BMC4325, Broadcom promises manufacturers of mobile devices even lower costs, another key factor in the race to the market.

The main advantage of the BMC4235 for consumption. By combining various functions in one chip, the load on the battery is reduced. According to Broadcom, energy savings compared to comparable devices produced by competitors in the order of 40%.

Broadcom also wanted to aim high in terms of performance and technology. The chip compatible with all the Wifi released today (a, b and g), Bluetooth adapts to the latest generation 2.0 EDR with the possibility of being updated to version 2.1; finally the FM radio compatible with both American and European standards. Broadcom claims to have overcome the problems of interference between Bluetooth and Wifi using particular algorithms (InConcert) that allow you to use both Bluetooth and Wifi, with one or two antennas, without particular problems.

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