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Bluetooth in Toshiba, Japan.

Bluetooth in Toshiba, Japan. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Wireless transmissions and equipment, of the rapidly changing technological standard) Bluetooth, will be promoted in Japan by a company formed 80.5% by Toshiba Corp., 9.5% by IBM Japan Ltd. and the rest 10% from Taiyo Yuden Co. (manufacturer of ceramic-based electronic components). The joint venture, which will be born on April 1, 2001, will provide advice and certify (exclusively) the manufacturers who want to insert Bluetooth into PC, mobile phones, PDAs and other equipment all over Japan. Not at all Toshiba throws itself headlong into this promising market (93 million devices in 2001, 250 million in 2002 and 700 million in 2005): the first corporation for laptop sales and one of the five founding companies of the Bluetooth consortium, headed by Ericsson.

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