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Batman: Arkham Origins, the video game that Gotham deserves

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<p>I state my difficulty in being objective about what the third chapter of a saga I love. Although in fact I can tell about this game by speaking only through reviews and gameplay (I hope to try it at <strong>GamesWeek-Stand A21</strong> this Saturday, see you l) I still have the previous chapters in mind and my heart full of expectations. It must be said that a handover took place: this chapter was in fact produced by <strong>Warner Bros Games Montreal</strong>, instead of the trustworthy one <strong>Rocksteady</strong>; but being both divisions of the <em>Warner</em>, not only personally I do not care about the quality of the product, but rather I am also exalted by having something slightly different in my hands.</p><div class=

The title Origins not random. The story told that of a young executioner, a Batman unknown to most citizens of Gotham, who has only started his career for two years. What is covered in the game the passage, which took place (as in the other two titles) in the continuity of a very long night (even this Christmas), from unknown vigilante to dark Knight. If anyone has Batman in mind: Year one (blessed be it Frank Miller), get to know the different atmosphere surrounding Batman unknown avenger from that of the Batman superhero. In addition to the real criminals, in fact, it is necessary to face the distrust of a police force that, corrupted to the core, will not have problems extracting the pistols to eliminate the bat.

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<p>The situation of <strong>Gotham</strong>  tragic: the criminal mind known as <strong>Black mask</strong> you bought the police, or at least your whole special body. <strong>Gordon</strong> it still does not cover his role as commissioner and the only obstacle to the boss's criminal plans  <strong>Batman</strong>, on whose head hangs a bounty of $ 50 million. The bat alone against everyone. In a preview it is necessary to go and pick up a criminal's folder from the files of a police station: to do what the bat of the previous chapters would have done entering the main door, here it costs a long stealth level to avoid getting too much on the cops (still policemen ). <em>Bats</em> in fact a young and relatively inexperienced vigilante. How do you express the experience of a fighter? With the inability to control himself perfectly and, consequently, a considerable violence, which the authors of the <strong>WB</strong> they performed very well with new hits and speeding up the fighting. <strong>Batman</strong> He goes from the tactical scalpel of the shadow attack to the iron club of the punching sequence worthy of MMA champions. The possibility of falling from the darkness on the enemies remains the same, as well as the method of fighting counter-moves (key feature of the series), with bosses to face that will be able to respond in turn to the punches of the bat man.</p>
<p>The Canadian videogame house seems to have followed the gameplay model of the previous ones <strong>Batman Arkham</strong>: the dark ceilings remain, the cozy gargoyles in the room inside the buildings (a little far-fetched frankly! Who was the architect, Frankenstein?), the walks in the air ducts, many old gadgets and someone new, in particular the beautiful electrifying gloves that are charged based on the hits and a shoot-shoot-grappling hook. In practice this weapon shoots away a small gadget, indicating to this thing where to shoot a second grappling hook to connect the two objects and then tightly stretch the two ends. Result? Heads of enemies that collide with each other at high speed or against edges or against the fists of the dark knight or left hanging in the air. At worst, a useful tightrope to walk on. The fundamental will not be missing <strong>detective mode</strong>, where we will have our own supercomputer that analyzes the crime scenes and even reconstructs them in the course. All this variety of possibilities pays the player if he can exploit it. In fact, the amount of experience assigned will also depend on the variety of methods used to knock out opponents. There will still be side-missions, which will not be incisive events on the main plot, but in which <strong>Bruce Wayne</strong> he can decide whether to intervene or not, changing the course of a robbery for example</p>
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<p>The snowy climate, the beginning of <strong>Bat</strong>, the dark and metallic city, lost in crime but also illuminated by the lights of the Christmas festoons, always present to break the gloom, the films on the bat (from Burton to Nolan) are very reminiscent, giving a great narrative intensity. It being understood that 90% of the work in this sense done by the protagonists of the game: a great, cruel, brilliant <strong>Joker</strong>, a brutal <strong>Bane</strong>, a main co-antagonist <strong>Penguin</strong>, the madman <strong>Firefly</strong>, <strong>Deathstroke</strong> and many others until the end with <strong>Black mask</strong>. The rest of the charisma generates it <strong>Gotham</strong> itself: in the inevitable sections of passage from one mission to another, it will be necessary to cross it. You will have a map large enough to require fast travel, but at the same time free roaming deliciously extended in all directions (horizontal and vertical) and the player will be encouraged to take a stroll for his own business, stumbling upon the aforementioned side- missions. There <strong>Bat Cave</strong> finally evolves from <em>warehouse</em> based on operations, with the possibility of deepening the investigations, buying new gadgets (including some outfits, it seems), activating the training sections to gain experience and develop the gameplay: Alfred will in fact be present and interact with narrative sequences, revealing the birth of the complex relationship between him and Bruce.</p>
<p>What to say? <em> a silent guardian who watches over Gotham. A Dark Knight!</em></p>
<p>I can not wait</p>