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Apple thinks of USB 2

Apple thinks of USB 2 logomacitynet1200wide 1

USB 2 could be supported natively on motherboards by Apple if users come in quite a lot of requests in this regard. The statement came from some Apple managers during the developer event that took place in Germany and which we talk about in another news today.Apple, therefore, does not seem to have preclusions to the standard developed by Intel with the specific purpose of compete in the field of high-speed data transfers with peripherals and therefore also with FireWire. Evidently in Cupertino or IEEE 1394 is thought to still be able to keep up with USB 2 (and it could be really so with the implementation of FireWire speed of 800 Mbps) or we are resigning ourselves to the idea that in any case USB 2 on Macs will still come in the form of PCI cards, as the Orange announcements prove. On the other hand, the refusal to use USB 2 would mean the exclusion from a whirlwind of release of products that even if usable also with USB 1.1 will not be fully exploitable by Mac users. During the same meeting the point was also made on the implementation of Java 2 on MacOs X. The new OS will be able to support the Sun standard in a robust way. Java will implement the look and feel of Aqua, it will be much faster and will have particular advantages from multiprocessor systems. Apple has confirmed that there are no plans to support Java 2 on MacOs 9.x due to technical difficulties.Apple then declared that in future versions of its programs, support for systems with multiple processors will become increasingly robust and thanks to MacOs X many programs like FinalCut Pro and iMovie will run much faster. Cupertino, finally, is preparing to release WebObjects 5 and to have begun to evaluate the support of MPEG-4 in future versions of QuickTime but to not have made a decision yet about.

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