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Android eBook Reader: the best apps

Reading a book using your smartphone or tablet is very comfortable, especially if you choose an Android eBook Reader suited to your needs. In the Google store you can find many, each with a particularity or a different feature that you may prefer. In this article I will show you the best Android eBook readers, those that represent the best compromise between compatibility, stability and obviously comfort. If you first choose your favorite eBook Reader below, you want more information onwhat are the different eBook formats, I recommend you read this guide.

Android eBook Reader

1. Moon + ReaderAndroid eBook Reader

This is a very complete and functional Android eBook reader app! Moon + Reader allows you to customize the gestures on the touch screen and the functions of the various physical keys (for example the volume key) to have maximum control while reading. You can also customize Moon + Reader using the theme that best suits your reading needs, by changing the colors and the font size.

Moon + Reader will also allow you to add highlighter strokes to your book, to synchronize reading positions between the various Android devices using a Dropbox account, manage entire libraries and access various online archives to download new titles. Moon + Reader supports epub, pdf, mobi, chm, fb2, txt, RAR, zip, cbr, cbz formats. Umd and HTML.

You can download Moon + Reader for free using the link below. The app features advertising, but does not affect reading.

DOWNLOAD |Moon + Reader

The PRO version, which instead costs 5.99, completely eliminates advertising and allows you to use multitouch gestures, speech synthesis via the TTS engine (extremely useful for those with vision problems), the control keys on Bluetooth devices (such as headphones) and to synchronize annotations and bookmarks between devices. You can buy Moon + Reader using the link below.

DOWNLOAD |Moon + Reader PRO

2. Prestige eReaderAndroid eBook Reader

Without a doubt Prestige eReader an excellent Android eBook reader app: simple to use, full of functionality and compatible with many digital book formats, including epub, epub3, mobi, Adobe DRM,, PDF, rtf, HTML and txt.

It is available in different languages ??and will allow you to manage a complete library containing your files stored locally, your files stored on the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive among the compatible ones) and the books downloaded from the Prestigio store. An app that does not lack anything, which fully resumes the style of its reader.

Prestigio compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets, and you can download it for free from the link below.

DOWNLOAD |Prestige eReader

3. Amazon KindleAndroid eBook Reader

Amazon Kindle a more specific Android eBook reader app: thanks to Kindle you can read the books on the Amazon store without any problem and take advantage of all the potential that the app offers, from managing bookmarks to synchronizing on all your devices. The app also allows you to read books from your device in many formats, as well as to create a personal library.

You can also customize it according to your needs by choosing the colors, the font size, the orientation of the pages and much more; there is an excellent internal search functionality, as well as the possibility to search directly on Google or Wikipedia for words you do not know.

Amazon Kindle compatible with most versions of Android and can be downloaded for free from the link below. To use it you will need to have an Amazon account.

DOWNLOAD |Amazon Kindle

Other Android appeBook Readers

If you have not found the app for you among those reviewed above, you can read our previous guide on the best eBook Reader for Android, or you can try one of the following alternatives.