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Access from Italy

In an attempt to combat piracy for some time thereItaly, the only country in the world, has blocked the Mega site born from the ashes of the old megaupload.

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The blockade appears to have occurred following the request of an Italian film distributor who noticed the presence of two films not yet released in Italian theaters on the Mega portal. Too bad that many users used it regularly such as cloud storage to legally keep your files; many had also subscribed to subscriptions to have more space available.

This guide will help you to access your files on Mega again with one completely legal procedure Also in Italy. You will be able to regularly view and download all the files from your or another Mega account.

How to access Mega by changing DNS

The simplest procedure that does not require installation of any software is to to change their own DNS server with those of Google.

The servers Google DNS I'm:

You have the option to specify i Google DNS server in settings of your router or easily on computer who accesses Internet.

Steps for Windows

Open the Control panel Windows and select "Network and sharing center and then Change card settings"

Windows DNS 1

Open the context menu by clicking with the right key mouse over the current connection (Wifi or ethernet) and enter the connection properties

Windows DNS 2

Select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and then click again properties

Windows DNS 3

Select "Use the following DNS server addresses and then manually enter i Google DNS

Windows DNS 4

Click on OK and visit without problems from your browser.

MacOS procedure

Open System Preferences and then click on Network

Mac DNS 1

Select the network adapter you use to connect to the internet on the left and then click on advanced

Mac DNS 2

In the DNS tab change i DNS current with those of Google. To do this, click on the lower left and enter the DNS manually.

Mac DNS 3

With this method you can also access all those sites that are been stuck in Italy contextually a Mega. Here is a complete list (names only).,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and