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A Radeon in the Cube (which you already have)

A Radeon in the Cube (which you already have) logomacitynet1200wide 1

As many know, those who took a Cube before the introduction of Radeon in Build to Order, the possibility of updating the video card remains a chimera, the Radeon AGP Retail, in fact, are not compatible with the Cube, making it physically installed At the same time, Apple does not offer the possibility of purchasing the Radeon OEM separately from the machines, making it impossible to update the models purchased immediately after marketing and all the machines purchased from traditional retailers. however, it still has one, or rather seven, the possibility of doing so: on eBay, in fact, 7 Radeon OEM cards have been auctioned, with ADC connector to connect the new monitors. Attention, these cards can be mounted on any Mac AGP, but only the Cube and the latest generations of G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) will have the possibility to drive the ADC port, for which in fact, the through connector for the 28 Volt power supply that the machines prior to the MacWorld in July does not have is needed. At the moment the offers are stopped at an altitude of 170 Dollars, but the auction is still open for only 24 hours.

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