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A GSM in the PowerBook

A GSM in the PowerBook logomacitynet1200wide 1

The FirstFone is a GSM PC Card well known to our most loyal readers, proven by MacProf one of the few examples of GSM products that works well on the Mac. Until now it was lacking in terms of control software, little more than a module for control strip for basic functions; MCM, a complete suite, albeit easy to use, for the complete management of the card under Mac has recently been available. The first function we missed was the management of the directory: now it will be possible to import numbers and names from the SIM to the mac and vice versa, having a virtually infinite address book thanks to the support of the hard disk of our laptop. From the Address Book it will also be possible to select a name to call or send an SMS, which we will comfortably type from the keyboard. SMS management is equally efficient, with the possibility of storing these on our mac as well.Notable improvements in the use of the card as a telephone: first of all, it will no longer be necessary to use the headset provided to speak and listen to a phone call, we will be able to use the microphone and the speakers of the mac, as well as an external device hooked to the laptop; we will also be able to view the call history through a call log that will keep track of the calls made and received. We can also set the automatic recall and the number of attempts, as well as change the PIN of the SIM. Finally we will have separate controls for microphone and speakers for complete management of the audio part. The package, through a small window always open, will allow us to constantly check the GSM signal in the area where we are, as well as allowing us to easily access all the product features. The management software can be freely downloaded from the Option website, therefore also available for those who already have the card; who, on the other hand, wishes to purchase the product, will find several opportunities on the net, including an Omnitel offer at 399,000 lire including VAT with 50,000 lire of prepaid traffic. Naturally FirstFone will allow us to browse the web and download e-mail like any other internet connection via GSM.

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