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5KPlayer – Full Windows / OSX media player

On our computer we have several media players, one for music, one for videos and probably also a program to manage the multimedia library entirely.5KPlayer a complete multimedia player, able to meet all the needs of a video and audio player and at the same time provide management and organization of our multimedia libraries.


The player plays files in FullHD, 4K, 5K, Video from player DVD, audio files of type MP3, AAC, FLAC, BEE and has the opportunity to listen to Radio live. 5KPlayer has integrated a "Video Downloader able to download from over 300 sites online and in any video quality. The program allows the conversion of files from any video format to MP4 (H264) As if that wasn't enough, the Mac version of 5KPlayer, even one complete peripheral for AirPlay, Apple's technology for sending and receiving video and audio streams between computers and AppleTV. Below we will examine the features of the player in more detail.

5KPlayer: Free Download – (Official Site)

Linterface of the very simple program. A click on the button Video to open any type of movie on our computer. The player can play practically all types of files is format, like the best known VLC (with which you will find a comparison at the bottom of the article).

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<p>The Video player has a remarkable and pleasant and functional graphic cleaning.</p>
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Note the possibility of rotate 90 videos (useful for solving recording problems with smartphones), the possibility to choose the chapters of the video file (if any) and upload immediately subtitles is audio tracks for the languages ??present in the video.


5KPlayer plays any type of music file correctly and in the same way.


At any time, by clicking on Library you can manage the media library. All the audio and video files that we have reproduced are present and the possibility of organizing them in the Playlist, creating new ones or taking advantage of those already present in the program.


The organization of the file also passes through the use of the classics Favorites the management of which consists simply in a click on the heart in the video and audio lists.


We report the ability to 5KPlayer of to extract is convert file formats in H264 and MP3.


5KPlayer also very useful for listening to all radios, once the correct address for internet radio has been found.


Another feature that sets this software apart Video Downloader integrated; 5KPlayer supports an impressive list of sites to download videos from (see the full list on the official website of 5KPlayer, they are more than 300).


We insert the URL of the video and click on the button to analyze it. We then proceed to download the Video or even just the audio track! Very useful to extract on the fly MP3 from video files. Everything remains organized within the program and we can always remove and manage our files.

After all these features, let's talk about the more exclusive one, that of receiver is sender AirPlay.


At any time we can send video and audio to another peripheral that it supports AirPlay (for example AppleTV) but at the same time 5KPlayer an AirPlay receiver that waits for an audio and video stream from iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). We can record the flow with a click and in different qualities.


We come now to one comparison of 5KPlayer with VLC, a very famous video player that we have also talked about several times.5KPlayer looks like avery good alternative and in some ways even richer and more complete than VLC.

Why prefer 5KPlayer to VLC

  • The interface is much simpler, more intuitive and modern
  • Better media library management
  • A few clicks to change Subtitles, Audio Tracks, without getting lost in infinite menus
  • Light program, smoothly reproduces 4K / 5K files without frame rate drops
  • Integrated Video Downloader (exclusive feature of 5KPlayer) with extraction of MP3 tracks
  • AirPlayer Video / Audio Streamer
  • Radio
  • Documentation guides available on the official website (

Why prefer VLC to 5KPlayer

  • Many more options to meet our geek needs "
  • Ability to play streaming video streams from the internet

In conclusion, we would recommend the free downloadof 5KPlayer which will most likely also become your default player.