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2014 World Cup on SmartPhone and Tablet

For those who can't follow the games with friends or comfortably seated on the sofa at home some apps come in handy to follow on the move 2014 world cup with smartphone is TabletLet's review what are the App main for Android is iOS to follow i 2014 world cup.

2014 world championship garden blog

Click on the name of the application to be redirected to the store and download the App.


FIFA – Free

fifa app 2014

Let's start with the main App for the World Cup, totally free and always updated with the latest results and news from the World Cup this year. We can also have an overall view of the groups and all the info on the teams and player profiles. A must for Android users on both smartphones and tablets.

Brazil Live 2014 – Free (no longer available)

live android world cup 2014

Application of 3 that allows you to follow the World Cup from 12 June to 13 July (the final). In addition to the cards of the players, in-depth information is also available for the stadiums, history of the world cup, photo gallery and tweet of the protagonists of the world cup. There is a section completely dedicated to the Italian national team.

Brazil Cup 2014 – Free

world cup 2014

To always have at hand all the statistics on the 2014 World Cup. History of the World Cup, possibility to consult the time zone and be notified of the start of a game. It has clean graphics and ideal for statistic addicts. – Free

rai tv android

To see all the free games broadcast on Rai. Through the App you can follow the matches live on a tablet or smartphone or have a complete replay of a match broadcast in the clear. Only 25 of the 64 games will be available (those for which Rai has won the rights). Obviously all Italy matches are included.

Sky Go – Free

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<p>The free App upon payment of the Sky home subscription. It is possible to configure the Android device to watch the 2014 World Cup matches directly on Sky via Sky Go. A service already known and excellent for following games when you cannot use your home subscription.</p>
<h3>Sky Online – Free</h3>
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FIFA – Free

fifa world cup 2014 iphone ipad

The official version of the Fifa 2014 App for the World Cup is also available on iOS. Real-time information, updates and services always available for those who don't want to miss any news.

iCup 2014 FREE – Free


Complete app with beautiful graphics for statistics and updates on the world cup. Based on where you are, it indicates the exact start time of all the matches. It also has a countdown timer and notifications for those who don't want to miss any event. In its Free incarnation, it displays advertising banners. The 32 national anthems and stadium choirs are also available for a fee.

Forza Football – Free

come on football

Notifications and live results are the strengths of this App for iPhone and iPad. Normally useful also to follow the football leagues, obviously also updated for the 2014 World Cup. It is possible to receive personalized updates based on the preferences of the teams or for matches. Also free for use beyond the football world cup. – Free

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<p>Also available for iPhone and iPad, the official Rai application allows you to follow live or watch the replays of the matches. As already said for Android, it will allow you to follow 25 of the 64 games of these 2014 World Cup.</p>
<h3>Sky Go – Free</h3>
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Note application for Sky subscribers, a must if you already pay for your Sky subscription. Streaming works perfectly and in addition to the games you can see a large number of mobile channels.

Sky Online – Free

world skyonline 2014

Behind full subscription (59) or for single game, Sky also available for non-subscribers. The Sky Online service works directly via internet streaming. It works exclusively on iPad.

I refer you to the 2014 Brazil World Cup article for information on Italian match dates and times!