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Xbox 360: Guide to Burning Backups in XGD3 with iXtreme …

In this tutorial we will explain how to go to make the backup copyfor Xbox 360 a game in formatXGD3(practically all, after October 2011) directly from its image or from its file with extension .iso. Let's start by saying that with common burners we cannot burn games in XGD3, as this format has more data within the original games than the normal limit of a municipality Dual Layer DVD.To work around this problem, it was common practice to use the function of Truncation (see guide on burning XGD3 with truncate method), or write the 97% of the data, leaving out the remaining data which unfortunately was lost. To obtain a perfect backup copy and in all respects identical to the original, it is necessary to have a burner LiteOn among the models mentioned in this article: XGD3 burner list, the reason is that these burner models can be updated with a special firmware that allows theoverburn and then to write the disk up to 100%.

So in summary we need:

  • burner LiteOn than those indicated in the previous link and updated with the firmware iXtreme Burner MAX. IXtreme Burner MAX Firmware Flash Guide.
  • abgx360
  • ImgBurn
  • DVD + R DL Verbatim for best results (results with other DVD brands are not guaranteed)

First of all we test our .iso image with abgx360. Download it from the official website (not available). Let's start the program:

  1. Click on the folder symbol and select the .iso file
  2. To AutoFix Threshold we set Level 3
  3. Click on Launch

The result of abgx360, should be the one shown in the following figure. If this is not the case, perform a second check on the ISO (the first time the .iso file is edited correctly).

abgx results

Now let's download ImgBurn and its Italian language pack at the following links: ImgBurn (5,976 KB) Italian language pack (30.8 KB) After downloading ImgBurn install it and go to copy the unzipped language file in the folder "languages" of ImgBurn as shown below:

imgbrun language Italian

Now that we have our belImgBurn in Italian, we start it and we are going to make the necessary changes.

Click on the menuTools"And then on"Settings":

imgburn tools settings

In the window that opens we go click on the tab at the top "write". Here all we have to do is make sure that the voice "Run OPC before writing" it's at "Options""Layer Break (for DL ??media)"Leave the voice"Calculate optimal"As below in the figure:

imgburn write

NB. The "Run OPC before writing?Should only be enabled on disks Verbatim with media code: MKM003 to use a 4x burn speed. To find the media code, just insert the disc and watch the screen ImgBurn:

mediacode MKM003

Now let's move on to the Tab "I"In"Page 1"We set to interface"ElbyCDIO Elaborate Bytes"

If you are given an error regarding the elbyCDIO interface, such as the .dll library that is not found, install Virtual Clone Drive

imgburn i page 1

Now click on "Page 2"And we bring the buffer size to"512 MB"

imgburn i page 2

Once set up for good ImgBurn and having spent the ISO with abgx360, we proceed to burning. You should end up with 2 rows, one.DVD is one .iso as in the image below, if not, and, for example, you only have the file .iso, you need to create the .dvd file. Use the right button in the folder and choose "New" -> "Text document", don't forget to rename the extension to .txt to .DVDand inside enter:

  • LayerBreak = 2133520
  • the name of the image we're going to burn .iso (in my case gioco.iso)

dvd and iso files

If you have problems creating backup copies with XGD3 downloadedEEPROM Utility.Download: Version 6.2.0. Go to the Tab "Options", And leave active only"Force Hyper Tuning"And click"Exit"As shown below:

eeprom utility

Once you've burned yours copy of Backup you can test her quality thanks to Kprobe2 – Kprobe2 alternative link

start kprobe:

  1. If you have multiple recorders, make sure that the LiteOn recorder is selected
  2. Make sure that the item "Remove the spike?Is ticked
  3. Click on play, and wait a few minutes for your copy to be checked


From the results obtained you can evaluate the goodness of your XGD3 backup copy, observing the values ??obtained on average on the forumTeam-Xecuterwe can say that a good copy must have as values:

  • a value of PI max that does not go beyond 150 and a PI avarage no later than 10
  • a value of PIF max that does not go beyond 10 and a PIF Avarage no more than 0.40

Here is an example of the results that came out of my test:

kprobe giardiniblog results

In case you get very different values ??from these, you can act on:

  • Smart Burn, Force Hyper Tuning, Online Hyper Tuning, Over Speed ??(via EEPROM Utility)
  • "Run OPC before writing" (ImgBurn option)

If you want to get an idea about the tests posted on the forum of the Team-Xecuter here is the link: Kprobe Results.

I remind you that it is highly recommended to have an iXtreme LT + 3.0 firmware on the reader DVD of yours Xbox 360 (iXtreme firmware is absolutely necessary to upload backup copies).