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WhatsApp blocked in Brazil: Telegram earns 1 million users in a day

The messaging service forced by a country court to a 48-hour stop. Telegram celebrates, Zuckerberg invites to migrate to Messenger


For a while, Brazilian WhatsApp users will have to do without their favorite messaging platform. It has established a country court South American imposing service a 48 hour stopthroughout the national territory, which will be implemented by telephone operators. The decision was the latest episode of a dispute linked to a strong pressure activity coming from the telecommunications giants present in the country, worried about seeing the profits deriving from SMS and, more recently, also vocal calls, being eroded.

Meanwhile, between the two litigants, Telegram enjoys: as a result of the blockade, the direct competing platform of the most loved service in Brazil has gained one million users in a day. And to try to stem the losses of WhatsApp Zuckerberg arrived in person, (who in 2014 had bought the startup): with a post on his Facebook profile, the CEO of the social network invited Brazilian users to temporarily pour on the alternative of home, Facebook Messenger.


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