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What was missing in 2000?

What was missing in 2000? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Over the course of a year, many announcements are made, sometimes of upcoming products, sometimes of products whose release is expected within a few months; at other times, despite good intentions, the ads are not followed up or the products are postponed well beyond expectations. This is the case of the products examined by Wired, whose release was due to take place within this year and instead have been postponed, if not completely canceled. To lead the ranking of this year we find our never-awaited OS X: from the Copland announcement, passing through Rapsody, this time we thought we were there with OS X, instead even this year we were unable to see a new operating system from Apple. Of course, one more step has been taken, the public beta is also a good product, but OS X is still missing, it will probably arrive in a couple of months, but this delay makes OS X Wired's first place in the ad ranking However, the company is not lacking: if last year Microsoft was the first place with its Win 2000, this year we find Linus Torvalds in its fourth with its announced new linux 2.4 kernel, announced for December and still To follow, among the illustrious guests of the gallery we also find Intel with its new 64-bit Itanium processor, also known by the name of Merced, announced for summer 2000 and still not available. Finally, in eighth place, blu shows off itself, the revolutionary wireless technology that to date, despite the good intentions and announcements made by many parties, has not yet seen a single product really functioning and available in quantities on market – who will touch next year? Apple has done its part this year, we hope to be off the charts in December next year.

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