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Use iPod accessories without iPod? You can wirelessly, thanks to Fipo

The list of iPod accessories really impressive and varied; many technology enthusiasts may have laid their eyes on a particular gadget and exclaimed: ?Beautiful !!! Too bad it can only be used with an iPod … which I don't own. " Many products can only be used connected to an iPod and, despite the fact that Apple's mp3 player is the most popular on the Globe, we understand that there are also people who do not have it or who want to use its accessories with other devices.

Taking advantage of the large iPod add-on park, Anycom had the brilliant idea of ??creating the Fipo, a gadget that allows you to use iPod accessories exactly WITHOUT an iPod. Baster owning a device with bluetooth technology and the game is done: the Fipo will occupy the place of the iPod and, through wireless technology, you can tune an audio device equipped with bluetooth with the Fipo to listen to streaming music directly on the gadget in question.

So laptops, cell phones, other mp3 players or PDAs can be combined with the Fipo to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by iPod accessories, such as audio speakers, compact and non-hi-fi systems, car-integrated audio systems (which will also maintain compatibility with the steering wheel controls) and all devices equipped with a dock connector to which to connect the Anycom accessory.

Bluetooth A2DP technology also ensures good audio quality. Available in white and black, the Fipo is sold at a price of around 99 Dollars.

It should be noted that the availability of Bluetooth A2DP support on the next version of Mac OS X Leopard will also make the Mac a remote "iPod dock compatible" device.

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